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Lauren Hubele, Gemmotherapy

I was born to a young 19 year old mother who had faced melanoma cancer, lived with alcoholic parents, and had an alcoholic partner. I was placed for adoption at birth and within a few short years my biological mother died as a result of her melanoma cancer. From the beginning, I carried into the world the predisposition for addiction and her fear of cancer.

It was actually no surprise that at 41 and 4 months pregnant with my third child, I too would face a diagnosis of melanoma cancer. Leading up to my diagnosis, I had spent years on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and suffered from severe sinusitis treated every few months with rounds of antibiotics. Although I abstained from meat, my diet was a well rounded blend of breads, baked goods, and dairy products. To be honest, I was a case I don’t even know if I would take on in my own practice today!

I was fortunate, however, to be living in Heidelberg, Germany at the time and given the option of working with an MD trained in Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy. This MD not only saved two lives in her work with me, she also influenced a dramatic change in my professional life down the road. My path to health and wellness wasn’t pretty to anyone watching from the outside, still I learned first hand the cleaning and healing capabilities of the body. I certainly had a lot of detoxing to do, but I had a skilled physician and, now on the other side, I have nothing but gratitude for the experience.

Today I continue to work with my own health. My body has been my best friend and laboratory for learning! I have no doubt what my journey was all about and what I am called to do today.

  • I am a practitioner that seeks to empower parents to raise their children to create healthy and happy human beings.
  • I believe the greatest work any practitioner can do for the health of society is to use therapies that build up and strengthen our children rather than prescribe medications that control or suppress their symptoms.
  • I work with women to help them understand the language of their body and support their vitality rather than ignore or be fearful of symptoms.
  • I encourage men to take charge of their health well before they receive a diagnosis by watching for early signs that the body is in distress.

Today I wear proudly the hats of mother, wife, practitioner, author, speaker, and board member of the National Center of Homeopathy, each giving me an opportunity to do my part to be an example and proponent of natural healing.

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