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Happy Healthy Babies Part III: Reflux

Apr 17, 2018

There are many wonderful benefits from working with babies but what strikes me the most is their dramatic response to a simple protocol. The root of a baby’s symptom is so clear; it is either what they are eating or an elimination organ that needs support. In most situations, babies are not faced with the same complicated external contributors as adults such as a history of antibiotic treatments, injuries, missing organs, trauma, and stress. That is why the treatment babies…

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A Family Move

Apr 12, 2018

Eleven years ago we traveled from Heidelberg, Germany for a summertime visit to Austin. We had been on the lookout for a stateside home and a dear family friend, and long time Austin resident, thought it might just meet our criteria. Within days, our family fell head over heels in love with Austin and in particular the neighborhood of Travis Heights. We were captivated by the massive historic oak trees, Stacy Park, and the historic bungalows that had been so…

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Spirit Fire Smoothies

Apr 12, 2018

~Adapted by Tanya Renner~ Last weekend I was honored to lead a grace filled weekend retreat at Spirit Fire in Leyden, MA. Woven into the magic of the land and the center itself is the heavenly plant based food so lovingly prepared by our hosts. Here are two smoothies that greeted us each morning. Special thanks to Tanya Renner for sorting out the proportions and sharing. Morning Smoothie 1: Pineapple, cucumber, cilantro, banana, lime, vanilla, coconut water, coconut milk ½…

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Spring Carrot Salad

Apr 6, 2018 | 0 Comments

Carrot salad has always been a weeknight standard in the Hubele salad rotation. It’s a quick prep when time is limited and because it only improves with an overnight in the fridge, it makes for a welcome lunch the following day. This Heidi Swanson version however takes carrot salad to the next level and is well deserving of a place in your next dinner party menu. Ingredients 2 bunches carrots, preferably local rainbow variety Extra virgin olive oil Fine grain sea…

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Molly’s Story: Crohn’s Part IV

Mar 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

These past three weeks, we revisited a series that followed Molly’s incredible journey from her tremendous grief and debilitating Crohn’s symptoms after the passing of her mother, to her experience and overcoming of secondary symptoms, to the eventual discovery of a healing path. As Molly’s practitioner, I could not be more pleased with her willingness to stay on the path even when she doubted what was ahead. Her commitment gave her body an opportunity to heal and she supported the…

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