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Gemmotherapy Answers: Why Go Plant-Based?

Last week I shared with you the 4 stages your body will move through in order to be symptom free. Those four stages are

  1. Open Elimination
  2. Clean and Fortify Organs
  3. Optimize Organ Function
  4. Maintain Harmony

These stages are supported with a plant-based diet, select Gemmotherapy protocols based on your body’s specific state, and homeopathy to heal symptoms on a mental, emotional and physical level.

What I have discovered after applying this method in over 100 cases this past year is that even with the tremendous support from Gemmotherapy to drain and restore organ tissue and homeopathy, individuals who do not make the needed shift in their daily diet will continue to deal with symptoms.

Let’s look at it this way. There is not a mom I know who can’t identify with the never ending chore of decluttering the house. You get things just where you want them, right? Then, in come all those people you love, with all your heart, leaving a trail of their “stuff” right through what you tidied up. Oops! Now you’ve got to start all over again! It’s the same in your body. You make all the effort to clean and support healing of your symptoms by taking your Gemmotherapy and homeopathy and yet you keep adding to the “clutter” by eating foods that cause inflammation—even in small amounts as a treat!

What I want for my clients is a diet that compliments and supports their body’s natural ability to clean, eliminate and heal itself. It’s a built in process you come into this world with—you don’t even need to upgrade, you just have to take care to work with the amazing body you have.

I get a lot of pushback from clients who don’t believe inflammatory foods such as sugar, dairy products, gluten based grains, and animal proteins affect them. The truth is I even have family members who don’t buy into that message! My question to those who doubt would be, what are you looking for as a response from your body? Your body communicates to you through symptoms and these symptoms can be as benign as congestion or ear pain or as loud as cancer. You get to choose which one you want to listen for before you make the changes that are needed. I didn’t know all this 14 years ago, so I had to wait for the cancer alarm. But I’ll tell you what preceded that symptom—20+ years of chronic sinusitis and annual respiratory infections. Yep, now I know.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation

I’ve written many posts about the very simple symptoms that are commonly ignored or suppressed that should be alarms to you that your body is not happy with what you are feeding it. Here’s one example of the symptoms often seen in children and here’s another from last summer. If you see your symptoms listed, then it is about what you are eating and it’s time to make a change. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

Is it going to be easy? No, actually not to begin with. We live in a loud world with a lot of money spent to sell you products that are going to keep you inflamed, keep you dealing with symptoms, and keep you from living the life you were born to live.

kids eating inflammatory foods

But you don’t have to change everything at once, because it will be overwhelming. Changing the way you eat is like learning a whole new language, one word or phrase at a time until eventually you are fluent, or almost! Change your breakfast and stay with that until you can’t even remember what a breakfast taco tasted like, which by the way, you can eat for lunch, or better yet, dinner—just hold the cheese.

Over the course of the next weeks I’ll be taking you through the process of making the appropriate shifts and sharing with you tips that we have learned as a family as well as giving you the whys behind it. Next week I will specifically address the lymphatic system and how to optimize its ability to haul out the inflammatory trash your diet has been creating over the years. Until then eat your fruit for breakfast!

fresh fruit as breakfast

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