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Living Well Series: Stage One—Optimize Elimination and Let the Healing Begin!

Living Well 4, Step 1

Last week I reviewed the lymphatic system to reacquaint you with the body’s cleaning process. Over the next four weeks I’m going to introduce you to one stage at a time of the Living Well 4, the method I use that engages the work of the lymphatic system to naturally clean and support the body’s ability to heal.

Regardless of your list of symptoms, the road map to natural healing always begins with opening elimination. Opening Elimination is Stage One in the method I practice with my clients and teach to practitioners.

In this stage I evaluate the body’s current ability to rid itself of waste before I begin a protocol. I do that first by asking my clients about their bowel movements, the frequency and consistency. That’s not a topic most people give their attention to or are used to even talking about. However, to get the healing underway it’s something one must become quite familiar with, taking note of changes that occur over time. My goal is to optimize my client’s bowel movements to 2-3 per day, well formed but easily passed.

I will also question my clients about their need to urinate during the night. You can be sure that when the bowels have not been emptying 2-3 times daily there will be a need to urinate during the night. The kidneys, which should be resting at that point, are instead having to step up their pace to eliminate the acid the bowels haven’t cleaned that day. When the bowels clean throughout the day the nighttime urination no longer is needed or at least decreases in frequency. Urinating often and urgently throughout the day is also a concern of mine and a sign there is work to be done.

Finally, for women of menstruating age questions regarding how often, how painful, and how long their menses is will give some very clear information as to whether the uterus is taking on cleaning that the bowels and kidney are not doing.

So what therapies do I use during Stage One to open elimination?

  1. I ask clients to begin to increase the raw plant-based items in their diets, starting with an all-fruit breakfast.
  2. Based on the results of the intake process I suggest a Gemmotherapy protocol that is individualized according to one’s current elimination, level of vitality and state of inflammation.

The good news and the bad news is that you are in the driver’s seat to determine how fast or how slow this stage progresses. Those who buy into the dietary changes right off and stay with the program see noticeable changes in their symptoms quickly.  Those who don’t modify their diet stay stuck in this stage until they are able to support their body’s cleaning process by not adding to the inflammation with their diet.

Need some help getting started on an all fruit breakfast? Check out this Pinterest Board I’ve made to inspire you!

All fruit breakfast

To be clear, this is what we are looking to happen with the help of an all fruit breakfast and Gemmotherapy:

  • Bowels: 2-3 formed movements spread throughout the day;
  • Urination: no night time urination and daytime frequency every 2-3 hours;
  • Uterus: (for women who are fertile) 27-29 day cycle, bleeding 4-5 days that does not start and stop, painfree or minor discomfort only, no mid cycle spotting.

Next week I’ll take this discussion further into Stage Two of the cleaning process and share what therapies are important and why.

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