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Mit Fahrrad: With Bike

A scene at Hofgarten

When recalling the activities that brought me the most joy and sense of freedom in my youth, bike riding certainly makes it to the top of the list. It sits right up there with swimming and perching myself high in the fig tree with a book on a warm summer day. During the time of…

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A Heidelberg Daytrip

There are places and periods of time in our lives in which we enter one way… and exit another. The years spent in Heidelberg, Germany were just that for me. In reflection, I remember the pains to be equally as intense as the joys, with this period serving as an awakening to experience both. Each…

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Friedrichsruhe Wald: A Hubele Whole Family Favorite

Fully arriving in Germany cannot occur until we take our first walk through the Friedrichsruhe Wald. It is truly a grounding source for all of us. For me, this connection began with my first trips to Oehringen 17 years ago, when Joachim and I’s Sunday visits were completed with a walk in the forest. Independent…

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Kartoffel und Mangold

One of the most enjoyable experiences during my summers in Germany is preparing locally inspired meals directly from the garden and this kartoffel und mangold is a fine example of how simple ingredients with simple preparation can be so delicious. It all began when Oma, who keeps a keen eye on what is ripe and…

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Working from Germany, Hubele Style

There was never a question as to whether we could transition our work and our lives to Germany for the summer. But whether it would happen with grace and ease this year was the question! Arriving After ten years of traveling back and forth from Austin to Germany, I find it amazing that we can…

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