Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele

About Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is an affordable, all natural solution to resolve acute and chronic symptoms in individuals of all ages. It is safe for infants as well as pregnant and nursing mothers. Homeopathy is a gentle and holistic therapy stimulating and regulating the self healing powers of the body.

Today, up to 2,000 individual Homeopathic remedies are available, each prepared from a highly diluted mother tincture derived from either a plant, mineral, or animal that exists in nature. A solid body of research and clinical trial results on the effectiveness of Homeopathy can be found on the website for the National Center of Homeopathy.

Why I use Homeopathy
I use Homeopathy because I have seen its effectiveness in supporting the vital force of my clients while we restore the body’s ability to clean and heal itself using Gemmotherapy and a Plant Based Diet. I also use Homeopathy as a quick and effective resolution to acute symptoms. I have been trained in Homeopathic case taking by Dr. Heiner Frei and I practice his Polarity Analysis method of remedy selection that is taught in every German medical school today.

What is Polarity Analysis?
Polarity Analysis is the use of a predetermined set of the most accurate symptoms. The intake process for Polarity Analysis is considerably shorter than those for other methods of classical Homeopathy and have a higher rate of precision.

Polarity Analysis is a development of Boenninghausen’s Concept of Contraindications. It serves to determine in each individual dis-ease a healing probability for each Homeopathic medicine in question. This method leads to an efficient and reproducible choice of remedy. Polarity Analysis is based on the revised edition of Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocketbook, a historically noted, reliable repertory and is generally practiced with computer software.

A further description of the method can be found directly on Dr. Frei’s website.

History of Homeopathy
This 200 year old system of medicine is rooted in the work of the German physician, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Dr. Hahnemann was a trained conventional physician, a competent chemist, a good mineralogist and botanist, and an able translator of eight different languages. His discovery that individuals with certain diseases could be cured with substances (plant, mineral, or animal) that produce similar symptoms, became known as the Law of Similars.

Classical Homeopaths believe a person can only have one dis-ease and the collection of symptoms experienced all come from one root imbalance. The advantage of Homeopathic medicine over Allopathic treatment is that the selected remedy is based on the entirety of symptoms, making it a highly individualized approach with remedies that do not produce toxic side effects.

Learn more about Homeopathy at the National Center for Homeopathy website.