Acute Care Request

This online submission process is only for established clients of Lauren Hubele who are experiencing acute symptoms out of normal business hours and during holiday periods. Please use one form per person. This form is to record the specific for acute symptoms that have come on suddenly or problems with your current protocol.


  1. Print out the form
  2. On the form, circle 8 to 16 of the symptoms that are new or different from your normal state. Select symptoms that are either changes from your normal healthy state or are normally experienced, but have been exacerbated by your acute state.
  3. Scan the form. You can use a smart phone app such as Genius App (for Android and iOS) to snap a photo of the completed form.
  4. Email the form to
  5. You will receive a confirmation from Lauren@laurenhubele when your request has been received.

Submissions are reviewed Monday - Saturday and on Sunday evening. Those received after 5 PM will be reviewed the following day. 

Click to download the Acute Care Form

Click to download the Acute Care Form

Invoicing for services and product will occur on the next business day. The fee for each acute submission is $40 (exclusive of product and follow-up consultations).