Are You a Gemmo Mom?

“The odd thing about these deep and personal connections of women is that they often ignore barriers of age, economics, worldly experience, race, culture — all the barriers that, in male or mixed society, had seemed so difficult to cross.”

 — Gloria Steinem

In a recent conversation with my dear friend Christine, I shared a story from my time as a young mother. I hadn’t considered the relevance of that story until now. During the early 80s, the decade of shoulder pads and big hair, I was a mother of two preschoolers and an officer’s wife. To most, that role meant staying home, stenciling the yellowing walls of the military quarters, holding teas and NOT having a career. I did have a career. Mine was in the field of education as an innovative and aspiring school administrator. It may come as a great surprise to young women today, but just thirty years ago I was often chastised and called on the carpet by my then-husband’s commanding officers. My offense was not putting my husband’s career first and foremost challenging the status quo. 

This was a painful period in my life because I struggled with wanting a meaningful career that was important and right for me — versus what was expected.  What I was sorely lacked was a tribe peers who thought like I did and, more importantly, took action. Thank goodness things have changed for military spouses. But I still remember with clarity the deep sense of isolation which led me to considerable self-doubt. 

Forming community

My desire to challenge the accepted way of doing things has not faded over the years. Today however, it has moved to the arena of health. Due to my history, I feel a deep bond with the women I coach who find themselves trapped between imposed healthcare norms and their deep-seated beliefs that there is another way to achieve lasting health and well-being for themselves and their children. Like me in the 1980s, these women could benefit greatly from a community of peers who shared similar struggles and mentoring on navigating upstream against an often powerful current.  

I began to envision ways I could do my part to mentor and provide a safe and forum to connect. 

Last spring, I launched Gemmo Moms and literally connected moms from California to Kyiv. We met bi-weekly, and the concept developed organically. Staying in tune with the needs of the group, I led them down a path of self-discovery to prepare each one to advocate for themselves and other mothers in their circle of contact.

New programs

This fall, I am thrilled to announce four independent Gemmo Moms series, which include:

To offer this support to mothers of all ages and stages in life is so near and dear to me. I can only begin to imagine how different my self-image and life choices would have been if I had had such a group as a young woman and mother. It is my desire to be the support I would have loved and to encourage my students to begin similar groups of their own when they feel ready. I am so proud to share that some of my first students already have! 

Who can join Gemmo Moms?

Any woman, at any stage of mothering, who would like to learn more about supporting natural immunity in children is invited. If you already have experience with Gemmotherapy, all the better, but if you are brand new you are equally welcome. Questions? Feel free to respond directly to this blog post so others can benefit from our exchange.

Hear what others say

Now that you’ve heard my perspective, I thought it fitting that you hear what a few of the original Gemmo Moms have to say about their personal experiences in the program:

“Gemmo Moms helped me feel connected to other mamas who are exploring Gemmos with their families. It feels so good to not be pioneering this alone! There are amazing women all over the world who are curious about and inspired by this healing path. Lauren provided a safe and comfortable space for us to develop more self awareness and support one another on our Gemmo journeys.”

Kara from Austin, Texas, USA 

“The Gemmo Moms program is an experience like no other! Lauren led us on a transformational journey that brought us to a greater awareness of ourselves in an incredible community of women.  I highly recommend Gemmo Moms if you’re looking for a deeper, more connected way of helping family, friends, or clients with Gemmotherapy.”

Christina from California, USA

“I loved my meetings with Lauren and the other beautiful women who formed our Gemmo Moms group. It felt like an anchoring moment of my busy week when I could settle while soaking in the precious information which Lauren generously shares.”

Sarah from Toulouse, France

“Gemmo Moms gave me a tribe of like minded mamas who encourage, love and support me! It helped to build my confidence, grow physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and challenged me to unlock a deeper part of myself and what I’m capable of.”

Megan from Louisiana, USA

“I enjoyed connecting with other Gemmo Moms and exploring the further potential we have for better caring for others. Lauren is a thoughtful guide into insights that can be used in a practical way.”

Stephanie from Maryland, USA