Perhaps, you have had the good fortune to experience the amazing ability of a homeopathic remedy to engage your vital force and promote a natural resolution of symptoms. Perhaps this was with the flu or a migraine, headaches or a skin condition.

But have you also had times when your symptoms did not resolve 100%? Or when a remedy to match your symptoms could not be found? Or when your baby’s inability to verbally express her symptoms meant you could not find the right remedy for her? Exactly these scenarios may inspire loyal users of homeopathy to turn to Gemmotherapy extracts.




How is Gemmotherapy different?

Gemmotherapy extracts offer a very different yet complementary action to homeopathy. While homeopathic remedies engage the vital force, Gemmotherapy extracts engage organs and organ systems on a cellular level to improve their function. The extracts are the result of a maceration process: the early buds or shoots from an individual tree, shrub, or vine are steeped in alcohol and glycerin for 30 days at a ratio of 1 part plant matter to 20 parts solvent; the liquid extract is then strained and decanted.

Gemmotherapy extracts also stand out from all herbal extracts because of the type of plant material used—buds and shoots. Gemmotherapy extracts are able to deliver the potential of the entire tree or shrub from which the bud is selected rather than the benefits of a specific part as in an herbal extract. This difference is due to the meristem cells in the buds and shoots, the very cells that contain all of the growth material, similar to stem cells in humans. These embryonic cells of the plant provide gemmotherapy extracts with their unique potential to simultaneously clean, feed and restore organ tissue.

Please note: This information is not meant to replace the care and advice of your medical provider.
Juniper and Common Alder are two extracts that must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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