Home Care: Acute Protocols

Acute symptoms are those that occur suddenly; they are not the chronic symptoms experienced daily or cyclically. Gemmotherapy extracts can be used according to the following acute protocols for up to three weeks at a time. Beyond three weeks, a symptom has then become chronic and requires a protocol that will address elimination symptoms, as explained further on under Restoring Immunity.

How one chooses to treat or not treat acute symptoms has a direct impact on whether chronic conditions will develop. The repetitive and widely accepted practice of suppressing acute symptoms paves the path for inflammatory chronic conditions. Think childhood earaches, allergies, and headaches. The use of alternatives for these acute can dramatically change to long-term outcome.

The effects of suppressed symptoms can be clearly observed in an infant. How the early symptoms of reflux or colic are handled or how that first fever or ear infection is managed has substantial impact on what happens next for that child. If the symptoms are suppressed in any way, inflammation begins to accumulate. Inhibited or “managed” symptoms only lead to the next expression of inflammation. Suppress a fever and the symptoms accompanying the fever will linger. Suppress digestive symptoms and skin and/or sinus conditions will follow.


I see each acute symptom as an invitation to heal and resolve rather than manage our health.


Gemmotherapy protocols provide support for the organs responsible for immunity:

  1. the adrenal glands that lead the immune response
  2. the lymphatic and circulatory systems as they clean and feed the cells
  3. the bowel and kidneys so that when pathogens are neutralized they can be eliminated

Here is a sampling of Acute protocols you can create with this set of eight extracts:

  • Digestive Symptoms: Acid Reflux/Bloating or Nausea/Vomiting: Common Fig
  • Colic or food-related Digestive Discomfort: Common Fig + Walnut
  • Elimination Symptoms Constipation: Walnut
  • Diarrhea: Common Fig
  • Post-antibiotic Diarrhea: Walnut
  • Emotional Symptoms Panic or Anxiety (situational, not generalized): Common Fig + Silver Lime
  • Ear, Nose, Throat, Respiratory Symptoms
    Bronchitis or Cough: Common Alder + Black Currant + Hornbeam
  • Earache: Black Currant + Blueberry + Dog Rose
  • Flu and Flu-like Virus: Black Currant + Oak
  • Seasonal Allergies: Black Currant + Common Alder + Dog Rose
  • Skin Reactions – topical applications
  • Stings, Hives: Black Currant
  • Infected Wound: Walnut
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