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French Adventures: Part II

barton springs austin texas

French Adventures: Part II Home again and adjusting to the 100 degree temps, fuller days, and all that it takes to live right in the heart of a city with nearly one million people; I am inclined to reflect on more of my experiences in the Pyrenees. (Read Part I here!) There are undoubtedly some…

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French Adventures: Part I


French Adventures: Part I Have you ever had a holiday in which each and every day stands out with defined, unique, and rich characteristics all on its own? This has been exactly the case for me these past two weeks. It all began when, accompanied by my family, our flight from Frankfort, Germany touched down…

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Mit Fahrrad: With Bike

A scene at Hofgarten

When recalling the activities that brought me the most joy and sense of freedom in my youth, bike riding certainly makes it to the top of the list. It sits right up there with swimming and perching myself high in the fig tree with a book on a warm summer day. During the time of…

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A Heidelberg Daytrip

There are places and periods of time in our lives in which we enter one way… and exit another. The years spent in Heidelberg, Germany were just that for me. In reflection, I remember the pains to be equally as intense as the joys, with this period serving as an awakening to experience both. Each…

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Friedrichsruhe Wald: A Hubele Whole Family Favorite

Fully arriving in Germany cannot occur until we take our first walk through the Friedrichsruhe Wald. It is truly a grounding source for all of us. For me, this connection began with my first trips to Oehringen 17 years ago, when Joachim and I’s Sunday visits were completed with a walk in the forest. Independent…

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Working from Germany, Hubele Style

There was never a question as to whether we could transition our work and our lives to Germany for the summer. But whether it would happen with grace and ease this year was the question! Arriving After ten years of traveling back and forth from Austin to Germany, I find it amazing that we can…

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Family Lunch & A Fox Update

If you happened to read last week’s blog post, you discovered that my latest book Building Natural Immunity in Babies and Young Children is now in the final edits and design stage. Now comes the fun part for sure as I watch my words come to life with illustrations and designs by the uber talented…

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A Fox & A Final Draft

Last March, deep in the woods outside Leydon, MA on a brisk predawn walk, I had my first encounter with a gray fox. It was quite dramatic as it bounded down the ice crusted hillside, capturing my attention as we appeared to be the only two creatures up and active early that morning. There was…

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Joint American Homeopathic Conference 2017

I’ve just returned from Atlanta and a full week immersed in the topic of Homeopathy! The first days were spent in meetings with the Board of Directors, on which I serve for the National Center of Homeopathy, the largest and most diverse Homeopathic organization in the United States. NCH is a non-profit organization dedicated to…

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Love Is A Daily Intention

Much more important than how you plan to begin this New Year of 2017 is how you plan to begin each and every day. Broad sweeping commitments for the year can be easily crushed by the end of the month while a daily intention is not only more manageable, but also more meaningful. I’d like…

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