Dana Viorica Campean

Dana Viorica Campean

Dana Viorica Campean | MD

pediatrician, homeopath, gemmotherapist

Infants, Children, Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Seniors

Why Gemmotherapy?

Gemmotherapy is a natural therapeutic method for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases, with the help of extracts obtained from fresh plant tissues, buds, young roots. They all have exceptional energy! In fact, I fell in love with gemmotherapy not through science, but through results. I absolutely agree with what Hippocrate said “The doctor treats, but nature heals.”

This is how I believe we heal:

In am a curious person by nature, eager for knowledge, and in medical practice you need a lot of information, from various fields, to treat a suffering person as a unitary whole.In fact, we are energy bodies, information-carrying energy structures, we are part of the boundless structure of the universe.


Classical Homeopathy

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