Gemmo Memo: Giant Redwood

February 28, 2020


Sequoia Gigantea is native to California, growing on the wester slope of the Sierra Nevadas, continuing north into Oregon. It grows up to 400 feet tall. In addition to its height, the girth is spectacular, 20-35 feet across in diameter. Its lifespan is up to 4,000 years. After 1840, the Giant Redwood was introduced into other parts of the world.

Giant Redwood’s primary action is as a tonic for the adrenal gland, stimulating cortisol production, resolving inflammation and associated pain. Its secondary effect is on the endocrine system, affecting the prostate and testicle health and harmonizing the production of estrogen and testosterone. In men, these hormones regulate libido, erectile function and sperm production. In women, these hormones support the health of the uterus and ovaries as well as bone mass. Further, the hormone harmonizing of Giant Redwood in both men and women acts on the osteoarticular system, improving bone stability and the health of tendons and ligaments.

The extract is known for its high mineral content. The high level of calcium in the extract supports mineralization of bones. The high level of magnesium produces a tonic effect, and the zinc content sustains prostate function.

In Practice

The benefits of Giant Redwood Gemmotherapy extract are best received by honoring the order in which the body heals. Giant Redwood can be used at any time for acute symptoms, for short periods only as it is very deep acting. It can be micro-dosed at the start of a case to support the nervous system in those who need focus and stamina for straining mental or physical tasks. Once elimination has been optimized, it can be used in protocols to harmonize hormones in both men and women.

Although there are many variations to the individual who could benefit from Redwood extract, in general this person may exhibit some or all of the following:

  • Male or female, adolescents to adults
  • Men or women with mental or physical exhaustion
  • Men or women with acute injuries involving bone, tendons and ligaments
  • Men with prostate symptoms
  • Women with ovarian conditions which would benefit from harmonizing estrogen production, and to prevent osteoporosis

There is much more to learn about Giant Redwood as a Gemmotherapy extract, so be sure to listen to this 20-minute podcast. You will discover more about the plant itself, further uses of Giant Redwood Gemmotherapy extract and a glimpse of it through the lens of Asian medicine.  

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