Gemmo Moms Meetup

You’ve made Gemmotherapy part of your life, and we want to hear about it! Have questions for other moms trained in Gemmotherapy? This is your chance to share challenges, get guidance and celebrate successes with like-minded friends. This course is open to everyone who has completed Gemmo Moms.

What to expect:

You’ll explore questions with fellow Gemmo Moms in a session facilitated by Lauren. It’s a supportive environment to exchange stories, creativity and wisdom.

The Gemmo Moms Meetup is offered over six-month semesters — either June to November or December to May.

Price: $120


Gemmo Moms is a live, interactive online course presented in monthly, 90-minute sessions.

You’ll receive login details for Zoom video conferencing upon registration, plus access to a Google folder with class materials.

To gain the most from this interactive experience, you’re expected to participate live on a laptop with a video camera. Each session is recorded for later review.