What Gemmotherapy can do for Immunity

Your immune system is constantly at work. This incredible system screens the substances you ingest or are exposed to in order to determine whether it is a pathogen that should be neutralized and eliminated or helpful bacteria that should be allowed to
flourish. Your health and well-being is dependent on a high functioning immune system.

And you know the best part? Supporting your immunity is within your control.

Gemmotherapy and plant based eating are the answer for how to build a strong immune system.

Two primary supports for your immune function are elimination and diet, which are deeply connected. If a substance is determined to be pathogenic and has been neutralized, an optimal elimination system is required for it to exit the body. That means your kidney and bowel must be doing their job, or the exit plan for that pesky pathogen is going to fail.

And then there are the foods you consume every day that greatly influence your stool and urine elimination. Adding fruits and vegetables to your plate will make a world of difference!

Although all Gemmotherapy extracts indirectly support immunity, there are several key extracts that play a primary or secondary role on your immune response.

Gemmotherapy Extracts to Support Immunity

Sea Buckthorn
Common Birch
Common Alder
Dog Rose
Silver Birch Buds
Black Currant
Silver Fir

Each extract is intended to be one part of an individualized protocol to restore immunity.

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