Lauren’s Kitchen: A favorite afternoon treat

Some afternoons I just need an extra boost of energy to make it through the last tasks before calling it a day. That boost, believe it or not, doesn’t have to come from Starbucks!

Here’s one of my favorite treats that tastes amazing and doesn’t have a thing in it to feel guilty about. First, however, may I pass along a tip I learned early on when changing my diet: Go ahead and give in to the chocolate and sweet cravings, but…. with good choices. And to keep those cravings to a minimum, don’t allow yourself or your family members to get famished.

So now for that treat. MindBodyGreen recently featured this yummy Cacao and Almond smoothie that is very close to what I make at home, so I have included my personalized tweaks in italics. I do hope you take the time to make it soon.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 tablespoons of cacao powder
2 tablespoons of cacao coconut yoghurt –I use cacao nibs
1 banana peeled, cut in pieces and frozen —If pressed for time I use a banana and a few ice cubes
1 date — I prefer medjool and usually add 2 J
a small handful of almonds—or 2 tabl of almond butter
1 cup of almond milk—I prefer Califia Farms and coconut milk is also a good option
½ a teaspoon of maca powder
½ a teaspoon of vanilla extract
½ a teaspoon of cinnamon —or cayenne

For full instructions.