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Midweek Pause—Mindful Eating

By Lauren | December 17, 2014

“Mindful eating can cultivate seeds of compassion and understanding that will strengthen us to do something to help hungry and lonely people to be nourished.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace in Every Step Consider: That the act of…

Frequent Childhood ENTs

By Lauren | December 12, 2014


Midweek Pause—Be

By Lauren | December 10, 2014

“Just as a clay Buddha cannot go through water and a wood Buddha cannot go through fire, a goal-oriented healing practice cannot permeate deeply enough.” — Darlene Cohen, “The Practice of Non-preference” Consider: The magnitude of this…

Holiday Survival for Your Gut

By Lauren | December 5, 2014

Last week I shared the story of Maria who struggled daily with symptoms we have come to know as “irritable bowel.”  Folks like Maria know well that the holiday spreads at the office and Aunt May’s are…

Midweek Pause—Self Care

By Lauren | December 3, 2014

“If we do not know how to take care of ourselves and to love ourselves, we cannot take care of the people we love. Loving oneself is the foundation for loving another person.” —Thich Nhat…

The Root of Your Irritable Bowels

By Lauren | December 1, 2014

This is the third in my on-going “Root of the Problem” series. You can find all of them here where I would love for you to leave your questions or comments.  The Irritable Bowel Story: Maria came to me…

Be Kind to Your Kidneys

By Lauren | November 21, 2014

I shared a great story last week about migraines and how supporting the kidneys can bring an end to the cycle of pain. In the case of Cathy her kidneys were doing double time because her bowels were not…

Midweek Pause—Silence

By Lauren | November 19, 2014

“Silence is something that comes from your heart, not from outside. Silence doesn’t mean not talking and not doing things; it means that you are not disturbed inside… There are moments when you think you’re…

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