Molly’s Story: Crohn’s Part I

“July 11, 2015, a day that changed my world. My mother passed away after a five year battle with cancer. I was tired, alone, and sick. I had just had my fifth child in May, so tired was a feeling I knew well. Having dealt with Crohn’s Disease for 13 years, sick was normal. The loneliness, though, was devastating. I spent the rest of July and all of August trying to get through each day without breaking down. I cried about everything, I spent hours in the bathroom, and I desperately tried to have my kids believe that all was well. What a joke!

By September I crashed. I was mad! My world had fallen apart and my body was failing me. Crohn’s Disease had defined me for 13 years and I had let it. I always believed that my body could heal itself, but I knew it would take time and commitment, two things I didn’t have with five kids and a dying mother. Then something changed in me. I made a commitment to get better for good. No more half way, no more cheating. From now on I must be 100 percent honest with myself and my needs. It was this daunting task that I set out to conquer.” 


Molly and I met to discuss her health in late August. As with all of my clients, I spelled out what would be needed to turn her symptoms around and get her body to begin healing itself.

Her symptoms at the time included 14-18 trips to the toilet round the clock to pass either loose stool, mucus, or at times blood. She was weak and weighed 127lbs. She could not leave the house for more than an hour and only if she was sure she could get to a toilet immediately. This alone made her case challenging, but on top of it all she was a nursing mom with a four month old and four other children under the age of eleven and worked part-time as a teacher at a local private school.

On her side was the fact that her family all wanted her to be well and would support whatever changes she needed to make. In addition, she had a Naturopathic doctor and Gastro MD who she had seen for many years and who also were both open to alternatives that would support Molly’s healing.

The protocol I would offer Molly wasn’t meant as a suggestion. It was really an “either/ or” moment. Either Molly committed to following the protocol or I would not be able to help her. If, as she had claimed, Molly really wanted to engage her body’s own ability to heal, she would have to get serious about her diet. Molly was in an incredibly inflammatory state and she could not afford to add to it with what she put in her mouth- Not even a bite.

Step One of Molly’s protocol was to eliminate all foods with gluten and dairy. Because Molly had already greatly reduced dairy she was halfway there. The challenge came with the need to eliminate both gluten and dairy entirely. To do this she would have to change the way she cooked for her whole family. In hindsight that was clearly a good choice as it quickly solved the chronic symptoms three of her children faced. Back in late August, however, Molly, who barely slept two hours straight and had debilitating symptoms round the clock, was naturally overwhelmed.

dairy gluten free

Step Two of Molly’s protocol was to take Silver Birch Sap Gemmotherapy extract 3x daily, beginning with a very small dose.

Molly’s task ahead was daunting and while I could offer her encouragement and suggestions, she was the one who would have to find the strength to make the changes in order to fulfill her commitment to herself.

Come along and join us in the weeks ahead as Molly and I share in the writing of this series and bring to life her path these past nine months. Whatever challenge(s) you face with your health, you will no doubt find Molly’s story inspiring. Her dedication to restoring her health and befriend her body’s process is an incredible journey.