Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele

My Philosophy 

We are all born with a unique contribution imprinted on our soul and that we are meant to make here on earth. We can only make that contribution from a place of health and well being. So, for this reason, it is our life’s work to heal what we brought forward from our ancestors and present our gift for the good of all beings.

While we all arrive with particular genetic dispositions and face a lifetime of experiences, grief, accidents, toxic exposure, etc, how we choose to address the symptoms that arise is completely within our own power.

There are shortcuts today to relieve symptoms which do not lead to health and well being. These shortcuts come in all forms, from surgery to pharmaceuticals to handfuls of longevity supplements. I don’t believe in shortcuts and I have seen firsthand the damage they can do. Instead, I believe in the body’s natural abilities to clean and heal itself. And I believe in restoring those functions. This is a path that takes time and commitment, but will lead to our ability to make the contribution we were born to make.