Pet Care Made Simple With Gemmotherapy

One of the beauties of Gemmotherapy is that it provides support literally for everyone under your roof. It is a therapy for the entire family and the more you learn the more confident you will be in handling acute situations when they arise and know when to ask for further support. Whether you are just hearing the word Gemmotherapy for the first time or you are the proud owner of your own growing collection of extracts, it is important to realize just how all encompassing this therapy can be.

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Because Gemmotherapy extracts, unlike traditional herbal extracts, have the potential to clean, nourish, and restore organs, they are helpful for humans of all ages as well as our pets! Recently, I presented a webinar on Gemmotherapy For Pets to introduce a set of basic extracts all pet owners can use at home. The webinar is available now for immediate download on the Vital Extract store.  (Please note that the link to the video will be included in your confirmation email.)

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Incorporating Gemmotherapy into your pet care will protect your pet(s) from the toxic load of medications and directly address the root of their symptoms. Just like humans, our pets have symptoms that present well before any dis-ease diagnosis and if we can support their bodies with a simple Gemmotherapy protocol, then we can be proactive rather than reactive in their health care.


In my practice, I have used Gemmotherapy for a wide variety of pet symptoms with remarkable results. The kidneys of our pets are usually the first organ to deteriorate with age and there are specific Gemmotherapy extracts that offer tremendous support for the kidneys due to their ability to clean, nourish, and restore organ tissues.

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Acting early can prolong your pet’s life by years. Puppies and kittens can benefit greatly from Gemmotherapy protocols that resolve and offer protection from parasites. Rescue dogs who have been on the run will settle into a new home easier with support for their adrenals and nervous system. Pets with strong immune systems and healthy gut flora repeal pests and are less susceptible to fleas and ticks. Did you know that pets who have sleep disturbances often suffer from digestive symptoms that can be resolved with Gemmotherapy? Surprisingly, even chickens can benefit from Gemmotherapy! If you have a home flock, there are protocols that can be given for immune support and increase the longevity of your hens.


Beyond watching the webinar, if you are interested in learning more about how you can resolve specific symptoms and support your pets using Gemmotherapy I recommend booking a 30 minute appointment as an intake and then 15 minute remote consultations thereafter. As a resource my recently published Gemmotherapy For Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care has a wide variety of protocols which can also be applied to pets.

When it comes to caring for your family, it is important to know you have options and, because of it’s unique abilities, Gemmotherapy is certainly one that should be on your radar.