Plant Based Eating on the Go I: Packable Snacks

Packable Snacks

Traveling and maintaining a Plant Based Diet does take some prior planning but, once you get the knack of it, you should experience smooth sailing. Being on the road for a month each summer in Europe along with this past year of monthly stateside business travel has certainly helped hone my skills and allowed me to share a good recipe for success. There is clearly some over-prep in my plan but that is built in for the occasional long delays while on board with no access to services or being stranded in the real food desert that many airports tend to be.

Like everything else in life, having the correct tools helps make the job so much easier. Good containers that don’t leak, will pass through security, and hold up trip after trip are essential. I store mine with my suitcase so they are ready to be filled when I need to head out. Here are my personal favorites:

Whatever appeals to you from the Blue Avocado Eat collection. I like this set of 3 Zip Snack PacksPackable Snacks
Any tight fitting stackable (when empty) containers. I like these by Preserve

Packable Snacks

A stainless steel wide-mouth thermos. I like this one by Laptop Lunch

Packable Snacks

What I include in my carry on:

Gemmotherapy Extracts (1.7 oz bottles) in a zipper-locked plastic bag to meet TSA standards (I take Allergy Formula, Walnut, and Fig on board.)

Cloth Napkin

2 Preserve containers of sliced fresh fruit (peeled tangerines, apple or pear slices, or chopped melon all travel well)

2-3 containers of organic, sulfur free, dried fruit (dates, figs, raisins, mango) packed in (Re) Zip bags

Container of fresh ground almond butter (in a 3 ounce container that is marked with the size) or individual pouches of Justin’s in squeeze packs.

Flackers (raw flax seed crackers) packed in a (Re) Zip bag

A small selection of tea bags (green, herbal to support digestion, herbal to support sleep)

Empty water bottle with an already measured in dose of a Gemmo extract to support kidneys during day of flight (Silver Birch Sap, Lingonberry, or Blueberry) to be filled with water once I pass through security

For late afternoon/ evening flights: a wide mouth thermos packed with chopped raw greens, shredded carrots, and a heaping tablespoon of miso paste to be filled with hot water at the airport or my hotel room in the case of a late arrival

With the exception of the fresh fruit, I always keep a stash of all of the non-perishable items hidden in my pantry, ready to go. It certainly eases the whole process of preparing to depart.

My checked bag:

Small bamboo cutting board, paring knife wrapped in a cloth dish towel

One Box of Flackers or Buckwheat Crispbread

4 pieces of packable fruit- apples, asian pears, and persimmons all travel well packed among your clothes

Not checking a bag?

Obviously you will have to forgo the cutting board and knife if you aren’t checking your luggage, but you can certainly add the box of crackers and fruit to your roll aboard luggage.

This plan ought to keep your tummy content for quite some time and eliminate any worry over finding something to eat before you settle in at your destination. Next week I”ll help you navigate staying Plant Based once you hit the other side of airport security and beyond.

In the mean time, if you have discovered some helpful tips to support your plant based eating while traveling we’d love to hear from you here or on our Facebook page!