Plant Based Eating

What is a Plant Based Diet? 
A plant based diet, different from a vegan or vegetarian diet, is based on the consumption of whole foods from plants. Those who adhere to a plant based diet consume over 80% nutrient dense whole foods from plants on a daily basis. There is a minimal inclusion of processed foods that may include animal proteins in small quantities. Those who follow a plant based diet will vary the quantity and decide what percentage of their diet consists of raw foods.

Why Do I Recommend a Plant Based Diet?
A plant based diet is known to reduce inflammation in the body by balancing pH, improving the function of the lymphatic system, and optimizing elimination.

Studies regarding the benefits of plant based eating abound with the most significant being The China Study (T. Colin Campbell)The China Study, a 20 year study, examined the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses. In recent years even mainstream conventional medicine has professed the benefits of a plant based diet in supporting the body’s ability to clean and heal.

Nearly every chronic disease that plagues our society today has been proven to improve or heal completely with the consumption of a plant based diet. Taking these studies to the next level, Dr. Neal Barnard will be opening the first medical center in the United States to prescribe plant based diets as the primary prescription.

I have seen in myself and my clients that making the dietary changes which encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation is not negotiable. This fact is obviously a sticking point for many of my clients. What I have observed, however, is that I can reduce symptoms with Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy but I cannot heal them completely without the dietary changes.

How Do I Get Started on a Plant Based Diet?
Everyone can start eating a plant based diet one meal at a time. In my practice, I suggest my clients begin with an all fruit breakfast. This all fruit breakfast starts their day with the alkalizing effects of fruit, waking up both the lymphatic and digestive systems. This breakfast can be in the form of whole fruit, an all fruit smoothie, or an all fruit freshly pressed juice. There is no limit to the amount consumed. Follow my Lauren’s Kitchen blog for more inspiration.