Almond (Tree Bud Extract), Prunus amygdalus

Almond (Tree Bud Extract), Prunus Amygdalus


1.7fl oz (50 ml)

The bud from this small deciduous tree is the source for Almond Gemmotherapy Extract. Reaching a height of only 13-30 feet (4-10 meters) Almond thrives in warm climates with mild, wet winters. This tree is tolerant of all soil pH types; however, the root development, growth, and productivity is greatly inhibited when planted in heavy clay-based soil. Originally from central and southwest Asia, almonds became a staple food that helped sustain the long journeys of nomadic tribes. Wild stands of almond trees grew near trade routes such as the Silk Road that connected central China with the Mediterranean. Nearly every ancient civilization used almonds. By 4,000 B.C. people were cultivating almond trees, which blossomed well in the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

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