Common Box (Shrub Shoot Extract), Buxus sempervirens


1.7fl oz (50 ml)

Common Box inhibits anarchic cell growth and resolves localized inflammation when combined with other complementary extracts.

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In the Restoring Immunity System:

Common Box plays only a very small role in the restoring immunity system during stage 3 in combination with other extracts.

The Boxwood is native to western and southern Europe, Himalayan Plateau and Japan and east through the northern Mediterranean region to Turkey. The Boxwood is a thick evergreen shrub. The species typically grows on soils derived from chalk, limestone, usually as an understorey in forests of larger trees, most commonly associated with European beech (Fagus sylvatica) forests, but also sometimes in open dry montane scrub, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Boxwood is one of the few native woody plants to be littered by ants. It has an incredible ability to adapt and exceptional longevity being able to live up to 600 years. It fears neither heat nor cold, it can live in the shade but prefers light and warmth. The slow growth of box renders the wood (“boxwood”) very hard (possibly the hardest in Europe) and heavy, and free of grain produced by growth rings, making it ideal for cabinet-making, the crafting of flutes and oboes, engraving, marquetry, woodturning, tool handles, mallet heads and as a substitute for ivory.

The Boxwood was first used in Egypt in 4000 BC. The Egyptians planted the boxwood in their gardens and trimmed them into formal hedges. Boxwood remains a funerary symbol, but also a symbol of immortality, being an evergreen. Except for the buds, all parts of the plant are toxic due to their pseudoalkaloid content. At therapeutic doses, boxwood is used in traditional medicine as a febrifuge, cholagogue and laxative. Saint Hildegard of Bingen used it as a depurative.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Gemmotherapy extracts are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your practitioner before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

  • Plant: 5%
  • Glycerine: 33%
  • Ethanol: 32%
  • Water: 30%

Limit usage to 3 weeks on, one week off. Use no more than 12 drops of D1 extract daily. Not to be taken during pregnancy because of its content in alkaloids with potential toxicity.