Restoring Immunity 1 – 3


We begin the journey by redefining health, which requires us to radically meet ourselves by compassionately accepting what is. Rather than pursuing your brokenness, and finding specific treatments to fill the gaps, we will explore what is required for you to feel safe, a fundamental first step in the art of healing. Come prepared for a radically different approach. This is not a course about identifying presenting symptoms and finding specific treatments to remedy those. It is a course about how your body heals.



Only once we are able to meet our true selves, can the healing begin. It is this necessary first step that provides the appropriate context for a deeper and more permanent shift towards health-full living. 

Using the framework of Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory we learn the vital roles of the central and autonomic nervous systems in restoring emotional and physical immunity. Later we venture into how elimination influences immunity and the specific extracts used to remind your organs how they were designed to function.

If you’re a practitioner, parent or seeking a deeper understanding for yourself, this experiential course is for you. Over twelve weeks, whether you are brand new to Gemmotherapy or an experienced user, you’ll gain insights into this unique systematic approach to using Gemmotherapy.


What to expect:

  • An exploration of your own beliefs on healing and health
  • Exposure to the natural order in which the body heals
  • Growth in your understanding of the nervous and elimination systems and the impact on immunity
  • Identification of the first steps in your own health journey with Gemmotherapy

Restoring Immunity 1-3 is a twelve-week, interactive, experiential course.

Your registration comes with an invitation to explore your own health, alongside an international community of like-minded individuals.



Restoring Immunity 1-3 is hybrid course offering the advantage of a weekly recorded lesson provided in advance of the live Monday discussions on zoom.

To gain the most from this experience participants will be able to:
– Watch the recorded lesson in advance of each live Monday session.
– Participate each Monday 10 am – 1130 am CT in the live discussion and Q & A based on the recorded lesson.

Understanding that live participation is not always an option all lessons and live sessions are recorded and made available in a shared class folder. Making this learning available to all regardless of time zone or schedule.


What students say:

This is an essential class to start to understand how Gemmo’s can work to their most potential. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Lauren is a great teacher. I am totally reaping the benefits of Gemmotherapy with improved mood, focus, and improved energy, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to the next class!
Natalie Evdokimoff British Columbia, Canada

I just completed Lauren’s course— so much learning in an environment that nurtures practitioners. I’m continually impressed by Lauren’s ability to make this complex subject accessible to different types and levels of practitioners. My confidence grows with each course, and I feel blessed to be her student. I look forward to the next course with Lauren and making greater use of these powerful healing extracts. Bravo!”
Isabel Frankel,CCH
Boston, MA

A really powerful training on how to use gemmotherapy to preserve or restore our health. The content is complete, informative while being straight to the point.
The content is of great value as keeping or restoring health should be easy to understand, and mainly achievable. And this is perfectly what we learned through the use of gemmotherapy.
Everything that we need is now at hand : the knowledge and the gemmotherapy extracts.
M. Bahim, Belgium