Restoring Immunity 1: Your Nervous System and Emotions


How do your organ systems begin to communicate and work together for healing? In this class, you’ll learn the roles the central and autonomic nervous systems play in restoring immunity and harmonizing emotions. We will identify and discuss the specific extracts that when used in microdoses engage directly with these subtle systems.


course description

If you’re a practitioner, parent or seeking a deeper understanding for yourself, this course is for you. Over four weeks, whether you are brand new to Gemmotherapy or an experienced user, you’ll learn a unique systematic approach to restore immunity using Gemmotherapy. 

What to expect:

  • An exploration of your own beliefs on healing and health
  • Exposure to the natural order in which the body heals
  • Growth in your understanding of the nervous system and its effect on immunity
  • Identification of the first step in your own health journey with Gemmotherapy

Restoring Immunity 1 is a four-week, interactive course and the prerequisite to Restoring Immunity 2 and 3. Ready to enroll? Your registration comes with an invitation to join an international community of practitioners who are actively delving into the potential of each extract and how we may best apply them to resolve acute and chronic symptoms.



Restoring Immunity 1 is a live, interactive online course presented over four weeks. Live participation on a laptop with a video camera is recommended as it allows for the most beneficial experience. For those unable to attend, and for review purposes, a live link for each session is made available 24 hours after the scheduled class for later viewing.

Upon purchase of this class, you will receive a welcome email with login details for live participation on Zoom video conferencing and a link to the Google folder for your particular class. 


What students say:

This is an essential class to start to understand how Gemmo’s can work to their most potential. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Lauren is a great teacher. I am totally reaping the benefits of Gemmotherapy with improved mood, focus, and improved energy, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to the next class! 

Natalie Evdokimoff, British Columbia, Canada