Restoring Immunity 3: Your Vitality


What is vitality and how does your body communicate your vitality level? Vitality is the energy resource available at that given moment for your body to heal.There are outward physical symptoms of vitality that are easily observed by looking in the mirror. Although there are many signs of vitality, we will narrow our focus to those involving skin, hair, eyes, and teeth.


course description

In this class, you’ll identify those symptoms using an intake checklist and build a Gemmotherapy protocol based on your findings. This protocol will include extracts for the nervous system, elimination, and adrenal support.

If you’re a practitioner or individual with a desire to take charge of your own health this course is for you. This course will draw on the previous two courses and allow you to put together and apply all you have learned. 

What to expect:

  • Readily identify key signs of vitality
  • Use vitality along with current elimination patterns to build a Gemmotherapy protocol
  • Apply your knowledge to take your case and a case from a family member or client
  • Discuss techniques for managing protocols over the weeks and months ahead
  • Review all extracts previously discussed


Restoring Immunity 3 is a live, interactive online course presented weekly over four weeks. Live participation on a laptop with a video camera is recommended as it allows for the most beneficial experience. For those unable to attend, and for review purposes, a live link for each session is made available 24 hours after the scheduled class for later viewing.

Upon purchase of this class, you will receive a welcome email with login details for live participation on Zoom video conferencing and a link to the Google folder for your particular class.