Gemmotherapy: Shamanic Journeys to the Trees


For those who believe that trees are wise, sentient beings that speak to us in an often-forgotten language, this class is for you. Utilizing shamanic journeying, we will explore the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality. With your instructors as guides, you will discover how to retrieve information or seek healing beyond taught materia medica. Together, we will journey together to the spirit of specific sacred trees and shrubs that are used for Gemmotherapy extracts and learn to listen to what they share with us. 



Only through this sacred art of whole-self listening are we able to truly understand the vast healing that is possible through each plant. In getting to know the plant, we deepen our knowledge of ourselves. 

Co-led by Lauren Hubele and Isabel Frankel, each series presents a different set of trees and shrubs that we visit to expand our understanding of the healing properties available to us. Through our shamanic journeying, we become more aware of our interdependence with the sacred trees and plants of the forest. The experience of this class allows you to develop a greater symbiotic relationship with all nature—realizing that in honoring nature, we honor ourselves.



Open to all with an interest in shamanic journeying and/or Gemmotherapy. There is absolutely no prior knowledge of either topic required. Basic instructions will be provided in the initial class meeting and all registrants will receive introductory resources on shamanism and Gemmotherapy in their class folder. Consider this as an opportunity to grow beyond linear methods of learning.


What to expect:

  • A safe learning environment to explore the sacred trees of Gemmotherapy and Shamanic journeying
  • An opportunity to begin or deepen your relationship with the natural world, the trees used for Gemmotherapy extracts, and shamanic practice
  • A warm welcoming international community of participants from a variety of backgrounds



Journey to the Trees is a live, interactive online course meeting twice monthly for 3 months. Your live participation on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone with a video camera is recommended. For those unable to attend, and for review purposes, a recording link for each session is made available 24 hours after the scheduled class. Upon purchase of this class, you will receive a welcome email with a Zoom link for this particular series. 


What Students Say

These series, Journey to the Trees, take you deeply into your relationship with Nature. I have loved meeting the trees, bushes and vines in this way. Their messages to us humans are invaluable. Lauren and Isabel hold the space with awareness, kindness and integrity.
~Jyoti Wind, Shamanic Practitioner, Writer, Astrologer.

The Journey to the Trees series has transformed how I work with gemmotherapy extracts, allowing me to access a deeper level of healing through direct communication with the plants themselves. It’s given me a greater sense of connection with nature and the wisdom it has to offer. I believe this reciprocal partnership and relationship with nature is vital for anyone who works with plants as wellness allies. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned and experienced through this program.
~Kamron Keep, BSN, RN

The Shamanistic journey to the trees and plants has been life changing. I have always felt connected to trees and literally am a “tree hugger.” Now when I step outside it is as if I can feel and sense the trees as living, breathing, spirit filled living forces.
I have learned to appreciate ‘Gemmos’ and feel that through journeying, I have developed a relationship and deeper understanding with each ‘Gemmo’ that we journey to. I have gained a greater understanding of myself and the wonderful spirit of being in
a group, journeying together, and then sharing what we each individually experienced. This is very powerful medicine. This series is a must for all who use Gemmos, for all who practice Gemmotherapy, and for those who want to gain a greater understanding of the power of plant medicine.
~Lisa McLoughlin DAc, LAc”