Here you will find the first steps I recommend all my clients complete in order to begin supporting their body’s ability to clean and heal itself. No matter what symptoms you might be experiencing, I have found that the following actions are essential and most effective to kickstart the healing process.

Once you have made it through the first four steps, we will have adequate information on your body’s responsiveness so that I may create a plan specific to your needs.




Ditch the dairy.

(That includes ALL products made with or containing milk from cows, goats, or sheep.)

Increase your intake of whole plant based foods throughout the day, aiming for an 80% whole food plant based diet.

Once the necessary dietary changes have been made and elimination has been optimized, we will begin a process to clean, fortify, and restore each organ system.

For this, I will ask you to embrace the following four therapies:

1. A steady, gradual increase to a completely 80% plant-based diet, continuing to be dairy free, and having a meal of raw fruits or vegetables each and every morning to break the fast.
Gemmotherapy protocols that I will modify every 6-12 weeks

2. These protocols will be suggested to you in a specific order:

  1. Extracts to reduce the body’s need to clean through the sinuses, skin, or vagina.
  2. Extracts to reduce inflammatory symptoms.
  3. Extracts to restore organ health and function.

3. A Homeopathic remedy, in monthly or weekly doses, to support your vitality through this cleaning and restoring process.

4. Establish or continue a sustainable movement program based on your lifestyle and ability.