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Your body speaks to you through the language of symptoms

Learn how to communicate with your body and heal naturally

I believe that self-awareness is an essential first step to healing. To engage in the art of Gemmotherapy you must first be in touch with yourself. It’s like the art of cooking: it’s not about the recipe, but about your understanding of how ingredients interact with each other.

Gemmotherapy is an accessible tool for everyone to remind their body how it was designed to work.

Whether you're new to Gemmotherapy or have considerable experience, these courses give you a unique and practical framework for using these extracts to their greatest potential. 

If you want to learn techniques to support your personal healing and then support clients or family members, there’s a class for you. I believe that the most profound healing happens when the teachings are fully embodied, so this is not about checking boxes and memorizing facts. These courses are designed to help you to intimately engage with your own healing before you step into the role of sharing these teachings with others. 

Will you gain knowledge? Of course.

But is this about passing a test? Absolutely not. 



This is about establishing a foundation of healthy living for you and your family (and if you so choose, for your clients) that will last a lifetime. My classes are designed to support you in welcoming in a new way of living.

I believe we all have the capability to become our own healer, so my classes are for anyone interested in learning this path for themselves, whether you wish to heal your own body, your children, or your clients!



In your studies, you will learn that symptoms have a root cause and from these root causes, primary and secondary symptoms develop. Symptoms from childhood that were suppressed do not go away, but simply morph into more serious inflammatory conditions. What will begin to unfold is an understanding that we must look at the entire system of how to heal the body, rather than singling out one symptom from the other. 

The reductionist framework of healing dominates both conventional and natural health care models. Unfortunately, this limits our capacity to fully heal. I will expose you to a different model with a true holistic lens, which will then allow you to see the interconnectedness of symptoms and trace them from their current expression to the point of origin.  

Once we know how everything interacts, we may then follow a particular order of processes that leads to sustained and fundamental healing.

Restoring Immunity Classes

Restoring Immunity 1: Your Nervous System and Emotions

How do your organ systems begin to communicate and work together for healing? In this class, you’ll learn the roles the central and autonomic nervous systems play in restoring immunity and harmonizing emotions. We will identify and discuss the specific extracts that when used in microdoses engage directly with these subtle systems.

Restoring Immunity 2: Your Elimination Systems

How does optimal elimination improve immunity? In this class you’ll learn the role of the urinary and digestive systems in restoring immunity. Discover the symptoms that occur due to poor elimination and the extracts that have proven to be most successful for optimizing elimination.

Restoring Immunity 3: Your Vitality

What is vitality and how does your body communicate your vitality level? Vitality is the energy resource available at that given moment for your body to heal.There are outward physical symptoms of vitality that are easily observed by looking in the mirror. Although there are many signs of vitality, we will narrow our focus to those involving skin, hair, eyes, and teeth.

Advanced Topic Classes

Case Management

You have all of the basic tools to restore immunity; now it’s time to apply them to clients or family members. This monthly series is designed to offer support through live discussions of cases shared by class participants.

Advanced Gemmotherapy: Restoring Alkalinity, May 18

Learn to recognize and resolve long standing states of acidosis, Stage 3, of Restoring Immunity.  Once elimination has been optimized it’s time to begin the cleaning that remains. Discover which areas of the body receive priority and the extracts that have proven most useful for each.

Gemmo Study 2 (July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov)

Gemmotherapy Study is a live, interactive online course presented over five monthly sessions.
Each session is 90 minutes, with a short presentation followed by open Q&A.


Family Care

Coming soon!

Want to go even deeper?


Join my 6-month mentorship program! If you feel called to help others restore their immunity with Gemmotherapy, and you have completed the Restoring Immunity 1, 2, and 3 (formerly Foundations of Gemmotherapy) and have completed or are completing the Advanced Study courses, you are welcome to apply to my Mentorship Program.  

Twice annually, I accept up to six individuals who demonstrate a passion for Gemmotherapy by building a personal relationship with the extracts and grasping the process in which the body heals.

Each participant will be expected to take on and manage the cases of a minimum of five clients, building protocols and supporting their changing symptoms under my direct supervision.

As a group /cohort we meet bi-monthly: once to review and support one another’s cases and once to set intentions and establish a monthly practice for personal growth.

With your colleagues you will form a cohort, growing together both personally and professionally.

Applications are being accepted through 15 April, 2020 for the June-November 2020 Mentorship program.