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Coaching Stories: Suzanne Rogers

Five months ago, longtime client Suzanne Rogers was struggling with her job as a higher ed housing administrator and stuck on how to move forward. She decided to commit to a series of eight coaching sessions as a practical, action-oriented step toward getting unstuck and making changes. Since Suzanne and I had worked together for…

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Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Dumi

In addition to my work with clients, I’m fortunate to teach courses on the holistic principles behind my method of using Gemmotherapy extracts. As the interest in finding natural ways to restore the body grows so have my classes. There was a time not so long ago that I struggled to fill a Foundations of…

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Susan’s Coaching Story

Individuals I coach each arrive with their own unique agenda which is what keeps my job interesting. Let me introduce you to Susan, a self-proclaimed PBS addict who reads tons of books and works in the natural food industry. Although Susan and I had worked together in the past to support her physical health, this…

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Meghan’s Coaching Story

Meghan Gemmotherapy Coaching Story

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to Meghan from The Woodlands. She’s a 42-year old mother and wife with a successful career in business development. Meghan had family and friends who had worked with me in the past but always found herself too busy to seek help. When she did initiate an…

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Cassandra’s Coaching Story

Cassandra Tondro, Artist

Please allow me to introduce you to Ventura, CA-based artist and entrepreneur Cassandra Tondro. Cassandra and I met last spring when she felt that her health issues were keeping her from functioning optimally in her work and from doing things socially that she wanted to do. At the end of her eight-session coaching package I…

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Coaching: Experimenting with a new way of being

I love experiments. Whether my experiment is in the kitchen combining new flavors and ingredients, out in the world discovering new ways of living this chapter of my life with my husband, or in my practice, with new approaches to deepening the healing experience. All experiments are successful in that they reveal information. I learned…

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Why Coaching is Important

Lauren in front of a waterfall

I was born to be a teacher. There is not a doubt in my mind. The first clue should have been when I rounded up the preschoolers in my neighborhood to teach reading classes in my family garage. I was four. My passion to teach was ignited early on, and I spent twenty-five years as…

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