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Gemmotherapy Answers: Women DO Need To Have Periods!

Early in September an article claiming that women did not need a menstrual cycle circulated through multiple social media channels, so I am pretty sure you have seen it at one point or another. Because it was so incredibly off the mark I chose at first to let it go, but when the NYTimes included a…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Stop the Symptom Suppression

Last month I began a series of posts regarding the connection between menstrual symptoms, birth control and infertility. The last post I shared was about a young lady in her teens that sought me out for help with long, painful periods followed by days of discharge. I shared how these symptoms were actually signs of a deeper imbalance…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Periods Should Not Be Painful

A talk I want you to have with your daughters… Last week I shared some very important information about painful menstrual cycles and endometriosis along with the good news that it is treatable—naturally. I want to follow up this week to encourage you to talk to your daughters and share this information, before they begin menstruating and keep an…

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