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Meghan’s Coaching Story

Meghan Gemmotherapy Coaching Story

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to Meghan from The Woodlands. She’s a 42-year old mother and wife with a successful career in business development. Meghan had family and friends who had worked with me in the past but always found herself too busy to seek help. When she did initiate an…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Women DO Need To Have Periods!

Early in September an article claiming that women did not need a menstrual cycle circulated through multiple social media channels, so I am pretty sure you have seen it at one point or another. Because it was so incredibly off the mark I chose at first to let it go, but when the NYTimes included a…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Stop the Symptom Suppression

Last month I began a series of posts regarding the connection between menstrual symptoms, birth control and infertility. The last post I shared was about a young lady in her teens that sought me out for help with long, painful periods followed by days of discharge. I shared how these symptoms were actually signs of a deeper imbalance…

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Gemmotherapy Answers: Periods Should Not Be Painful

A talk I want you to have with your daughters… Last week I shared some very important information about painful menstrual cycles and endometriosis along with the good news that it is treatable—naturally. I want to follow up this week to encourage you to talk to your daughters and share this information, before they begin menstruating and keep an…

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