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Lauren’s Kitchen: Detox Slaw

This slaw has become a mainstay in the Hubele house the past two weeks as I have played around with different ingredient combinations. Clearly no one has tired of it as I am sure I would have heard some rumblings. Quite frankly everything I added only made it better, so what you are getting here…

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Lauren’s Kitchen: Zucchini Agrodolce

Its only late June but there are plenty of local choices for zucchini and summer squash, both of which are equally good in this light, flavorful salad. By August you will be happy to have a collection of recipes on hand for this plentiful crop. This salad from 101 Cookbooks can be given a starring…

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Lauren’s Kitchen: Uzbecki Carrots

You know, even humble carrots really CAN be the star of the show and this recipe is proof. Believe me, you will never think of carrots as ordinary again. I would serve these with your favorite kale salad to start and alongside a purple potato mash. Now that would be one colorful plate! Ingredients: 2…

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Lauren’s Kitchen: Veggie Tacos

Honestly, dinner can’t get much easier than this recipe from Simply Recipies and once you have the basics down you can switch out the veggies based on what you have on hand. I chose this because I happen to love to feature the baby squash that are readily available now. I would start out this meal with a…

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Notes from Europe: Eating with Purpose

Having spent nearly a week in Romania sharing time in nature, over meals or in the car with my Gemmotherapy mentor Dr. Sorina Soescu, I came away with further clarity about the human body and healing. One of the primary topics of discussion was food. Both Dr. Soescu and I walk similar paths when it comes…

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Lauren’s Kitchen:  A favorite afternoon treat

Some afternoons I just need an extra boost of energy to make it through the last tasks before calling it a day. That boost, believe it or not, doesn’t have to come from Starbucks! Here’s one of my favorite treats that tastes amazing and doesn’t have a thing in it to feel guilty about. First,…

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