Taking Charge Of Your Fertility III: What To Eat

Possibly you are considering starting a family soon or even down the road. I’ll bet you did not realize that what you eat for breakfast each day actually plays an important role in supporting or reducing your fertility. Read on and I will tell you all about it!

Because fertility is a key indicator of health and vitality, it is my mission to make reliable, practical methods accessible to all. Fertility and vitality go hand in hand and to create a viable strong baby, parents must first have a high vitality. This can be seen in the state(s) of one’s skin, eyes, hair, teeth, quality of sleep, and family health history.


There are specific symptoms in these areas that indicate if inflammation is present and if it has been for long enough to reduce vitality, creating (as it is known among holistic practitioners) a state of acidosis. Individuals with low vitality tend to have an acidic pH and their symptoms can not improve until that state is shifted.

Easily identifiable examples of acidosis include acne, dry dull hair or hair that sheds easily, receding hairlines or balding in men before the age of 40, dental issues or tendency for cold/ canker sores in the mouth, and more. While allopathic medicine offers a path to fertility that ignores these symptoms and achieves pregnancy, with the 50% success rate of IVF, the new developing life is dependent on a physical body that has less than optimal vitality. What occurs next can be a pregnancy riddled with unpleasant symptoms, early delivery, c-section births, and infants with lowered immune systems leading to early infections and poor health from the start of life. This entire cycle can be broken by addressing the vitality of parents BEFORE conception, thus improving fertility and the quality of life they are creating.

Eating an alkalizing diet is simple, attainable, and won’t cost a bit more money than what you are eating already.

Morning Meal
It all begins in the morning with a breakfast of raw fruits and/or veggies on an empty stomach. This meal promotes an alkaline state from the start of the day, lymphatic cleaning, quick digestion, and optimal morning elimination. Continue eating raw fruit and/or veggies as far into the morning as you can.


Mid-Morning & Mid-Afternoon Snacks
These snacks can include such foods as whole raw fruits and veggies, fresh pressed juices/ smoothies, dried fruits, raw bars, guacamole or hummus with raw vegetables, almond or cashew butter with apples, and nuts or seeds.

almond butter with apples

Mid-Day Meal
Your lunch time meal will be any combination of vegetables and gluten free grains. This can be a salad, stir fry, curry, or Buddha bowl. Gluten free grain includes rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and corn. These two foods digest well together and more quickly than protein, preventing that afternoon dip in energy.


Evening Meal
The evening meal is any combination of vegetables and protein (plant or animal). Always begin the meal with a raw vegetable or fruit salad to aid digestion and increase your daily intake of plants. Watch your proportion ratios on veggies-to-protein keeping the protein to 30% or less of your meal. Note that proteins are placed at the end of the day as the digestion rate is the slowest of all foods, causing a drop in energy which is already natural in the evening.


An alkalizing diet in combination with Gemmotherapy extracts is

the perfect formula to improve vitality and fertility by restoring a healthy pH level!


Gemmotherapy extracts are derived from specific plants and shrubs that have been historically known for their healing properties. Different from traditional herbal medicines, Gemmotherapy extracts contain embryonic plant tissues that offer tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells. While Gemmotherapy is safe for all ages, there is a small selection of the 60 extracts available that are proven successful in supporting fertility in women and men.

Learn more about Gemmotherapy by purchasing my on demand webinars and/or reading my recent book, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care.

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