Taking Charge Of Your Fertility IV: Protocols For Support

I am delighted to work with new clients who come to my practice with the intention of preparing their body to create life. Taking this step in itself is acknowledgement of the responsibility they are about to take on.


It is important for both practitioners providing and individuals seeking fertility support to really get that fertility is linked to vitality. Vitality is a measurement of health completely ignored by conventional allopathic medicine but it is critical to natural health therapies. Vitality is the resource the body has at that given time to self-heal. Symptoms of vitality are apparent in one’s hair, skin, eyes, teeth, sleep, and health history of family members. Read about those specific symptoms in my third post in this series that discusses an alkalizing diet. Vitality cannot be improved with prescription medications or by working out, but rather through these steps:

  1. Optimize elimination
  2. Alkalize the body
  3. Clean primary organs of metabolic waste that has accumulated over the years


When vitality is restored one can see and feel the difference. This approach is in direct contrast to fertility treatments that force performance of reproductive organs in an individual with low vitality.

Here are the specific, simple, and straightforward steps to support fertility naturally by improving vitality.

  1. Assess current state of elimination and vitality.
  2. Discuss current diet and changes needed in order to optimize elimination and alkalize their organ systems. (Generally this is eliminating dairy products and increasing the intake of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.)
  3. Begin women with a Gemmotherapy protocol that encourages a uro-genital cleanse which restores health to the mucus membrane of the urinary tract and genital tract, balancing bacteria levels. This is then followed by a Gemmotherapy protocol that cleanses and fortifies the adrenals, liver, and kidneys; the primary reproductive support organs.
  4. Begin men with a Gemmotherapy protocol that supports their adrenal glands and reduces states of acidosis throughout the body and continue until pregnancy is achieved.

Boosting fertility by improving vitality is attainable and affordable. You can begin by learning more about Gemmotherapy extracts and how they restore the body’s ability to heal. Different from traditional herbal medicines, Gemmotherapy extracts contain embryonic plant tissues that offer tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells. While Gemmotherapy is safe for all ages, there is a small selection of the 60 extracts available that are proven successful in supporting fertility in women and men. Practitioners who want to learn about these extracts and how to help their clients support fertility may be interested in my webinar, Gemmotherapy for Fertility.