The Hubele Household Morning Routine

You’ll know it’s 7:15 AM at the Hubele household by the roar of the VitaMix. It’s been packed to the brim this morning with some of the best tastes of late summer. You’ll see quartered juicy hill coun171110895try peaches, chunks of fresh, tangy pineapple, cubed sweet mango, and when it’s all blended into a shot of fresh lime juice.

Prep time: 10 mins.
Cleanup Time: 5 mins.
Satisfied Family Members: 3

We began this morning fruit ritual a year ago and have never looked back. Even in the dark, cold mornings of winter we enjoyed amazing Texas pink grapefruits and blood oranges, along with fresh pineapple. Half the fun of this has been getting creative with our combinations. And yes, it’s always fruit and only fruit, but it’s always just a little bit different depending on what is on hand, in season, and sounds just right that particular morning and we still look forward to it every morning.

We got started on our fruit in the morning plan last summer after a week on the Black Sea at the home of my mentor Dr. Sorina Soescu. Sorina had been following a high fruit and raw veg diet for two years and as we spent our days together, I learned the hows and whys to this high alkaline eating philosophy. When we got started, I was the chopper and blender—but my task was taken over quickly by my husband, Joachim. He found my chopping skills not quite as efficient as the German precision he could offer. I certainly did not complain. Who would when you get served up such beautiful glasses of pure deliciousness?

We down one glass of our smoothies and out the door we head for a swoop around Stacy Park with Lucy our 90lb lap dog and most often our 12 year old Sebastian just ahead of us on his bike or scooter. On a good day by 8 am we are exercised, fed and ready to take on our day.

It’s just how it rolls here in the morning and it sure feels good.