There’s A Better Way V: Urinary Tract Infections

If you are one who is plagued by, or even just susceptible to, urinary tract infections don’t you ever wonder why that is the case? Before you reach for that box of AZO or fill that prescription of antibiotics, let’s talk. There is a reason your urinary tract gets inflamed, whether it is once or every other month, and while it’s uncomfortable, masking that pain only increases the likelihood that the symptom will reoccur and more often.


The Root of the Problem
The body is actually perfectly designed with a system to clean and organs to eliminate waste. These elimination organs include the kidneys, bowels and (in women) the uterus. When men experience UTI’s the root of the problem is less than optimal bowel elimination over time. In women the root can be either less than optimal bowel elimination over time or the loss of a regular menstrual cycle due to birth control. While intercourse can seem to bring on urinary tract infections, the irritation would not likely occur if the bowel eliminates optimal. When the root of the problem is not addressed, as in most cases with UTI’s, then it remains and the inflammation that occurs only relocates. That is never the right answer as it leads to further chronic symptoms.

What if this is a one off urinary tract infection? The answer is still the same and even more the reason to handle it naturally so you don’t begin a cycle of suppressing and relocating inflammation. If you contact my practice with the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, I have a tried and true protocol that resolves that inflammation by doing exactly what your body needs: support bowel elimination.

The Plan
If the symptoms began within the last twenty-four hours they can be resolved by Gemmotherapy and diet alone. If they have been allowed to linger and the immune system has been working without support it is likely a second therapy is needed to support the vital force. In my practice that therapy is Homeopathy.


First 24 Hours of Symptoms

  1. Increase intake of warm and room temperature fluids (water, coconut water, alkalizing teas, and fresh pressed juices).
  2. Gemmotherapy: Black Currant and Lingonberry – 25 drops of each, 4x daily.
  3. Refrain from physical activities giving the body as much rest a possible.
  4. Apply heat in the form of a pad or hot water bottle to the kidneys to help with elimination.

Second 24 Hours of Symptoms

  1. If the symptoms have not improved by 50%, seek the support from your health care provider.
  2. If symptoms have improved by 50%, continue with the above protocol until all symptoms have improved and then for another two full days. (Usually this is a total of one week.)

Future Consideration
Should you experience a UTI once a year or more it is important to consider further support from Gemmotherapy and an alkalizing diet to resolve the less than optimal bowel elimination the contributes to the reoccurring symptom.


In the case of UTIs and a wide variety of acute and chronic symptoms, Gemmotherapy is able to offer the body something no other natural therapy can- the action of cleaning, draining, and fortifying the affected organ tissue. This powerful action is due to the inclusion of the plan meristem cells in each extract.

Gemmotherapy is the youngest plant based medicine and is fascinating to study as a home user or as a practitioner. While you can find many more acute protocols in my blog you can now read them together in my newly released, Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction to Acute Care. In this first book of the series you’ll learn Gemmotherapy history, fundamentals, and find 36 proven reliable protocols for acute symptoms.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Check out this online self-paced Acute Care with Gemmotherapy course or join me live in Berkely California on 21 October when I will present both Acute Care with Gemmotherapy and Gemmotherapy for Chronic Symptoms 101 and 102.