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Lauren Hubele Gemmotherapy training and retreat in MassachusettsWe are homeopaths, nurse practitioners, midwives, acupuncturists, health coaches, flower essence practitioners, and more who have come to learn the benefits these extracts offer our clients. Practitioners from all backgrounds soon discover the incredible potential of these gentle yet powerful extracts to restore immunity.

Whether you are brand new to the use of Gemmotherapy extracts or have used them in your practice for years, you will walk away from Foundations of Gemmotherapy with a new perspective on healing.

Your work with your clients will continue to be supported well beyond your completion of the Foundation series. I offer Monthly Live clinics and quarterly Community Summits, as well as Gemmo Labs for those who enjoy experiential learning and Advanced Gemmotherapy training.

In addition, all participants are invited to join our private Facebook group used as an ongoing forum for practitioners in training. Post your questions and cases and get input from other students as well as case supervision by me.

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Lauren Hubele, Gemmotherapy Practitioner, Instructor and Author

About Me

With 20 years experience as an educator, I thrive in the classroom setting and when it comes to presenting on Gemmotherapy, I am in my element. I know personally how powerful it can be to learn directly from a practitioner experienced in a particular therapy. My goal is to support you in your personal and professional growth.

Practitioner Testimonials

The Gemmotherapy retreat in Leyden, MA with Lauren Hubele was an uplifting experience for the heart, mind and soul. The setting was gorgeous, the food was scrumptious and the gemmotherapy learning was fascinating and deeply intellectual. Lauren is a very mindful and supportive teacher whose knowledge about gemmotherapy is unsurpassed in the US. The insights I gained over the retreat weekend instantly helped further my own cases and my own personal growth as well. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone wishing to expand and enhance their ability to treat clients. You will not be disappointed!

~ Susie Killian, OR

I've had the pleasure of taking an online webinar of Lauren's Gemmotherapy class as well as attended a couple of her Gemmotherapy classes. Lauren has a wonderful, peaceful and practical way of educating. Lauren gives you a complete step-by-step package of learning about Gemmos, from delivering information on what they are to how to use them, along with case examples of resolutions. I look forward to her future classes.

~ Cheryl Pino, CCH (cand) / Homeopath at Good Life Acupuncture & Holistic Therapies

Lauren's Gemmotherapy retreats are the perfect setting for immersing yourself in the teachings of these amazing, life-giving plant extracts. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, centered, nurtured, and clear at the end of this spiritual retreat.

~ Martha DeMarco CCH, MA

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing the gift Gemmos! Your teaching is alive, easily accessible and encouraging. It’s so helpful to see your process broken down into attainable steps. Students are able to apply your lessons upon completion of each class. Thank you for generously sharing from your own experiences and giving your students the tools to succeed.

~Tanya Renner, CCH, RSHom (NA)

Lauren is an excellent educator and her Gemmotherapy classes are well worth the time for homeopaths and other practitioners.

~ Isabel Frankel CCH, MA

Review of Foundations of Gemmotherapy class

With Foundations of Gemmotherapy Lauren has reached new heights. She doesn’t just teach you how to chart a therapeutic course for your client, although she does it brilliantly, systematically and thoroughly. She guides the practitioner to embody the modality from the ground up, so that you can walk the talk authentically. The journey starts with your core beliefs about holistic healing along with a commitment to eating a plant-based diet that you and your clients implement within a realistic time frame. It is fueled by a judiciously chosen gemmotherapy extract at each step of the way, and supported by Lauren's encouragement to reflect as you practice, to share and to learn from colleagues. By the end of the course, you see how the elements fit together to promote healing, and start to see measurable, predictable and sustainable improvements in clients.

It is a modality that aligns perfectly with energy healing modalities that address the whole person. Lauren enables you to align yourself with what you are practising when you give a gemmotherapy extract to a client.

~ Jiuan Heng, PhD, CCH
Homeopathy Studio LLC

Lauren Hubele is light years ahead of the bell curve on today’s approaches for health and wellness. Her insights into how disease thrives in an acidic body and Gemmotherapy’s ability to gently redirect that body to heal itself is simple, but unbelievably profound. I cannot wait to implement Gemmotherapy on my loved ones and clients too. We need more Gemmotherapy practitioners in this world and I encourage anyone with a desire to build up the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of patients to examine this protocol. It delivers!

~ Dana Davis-O’Connor, CCH, RShom (NA)

Lauren is a gifted teacher with a great blend of a warm heart and wealth of information. The cutting edge level of training she is offering to help further our understanding of this dynamic modality is not to be missed.

~ Dee CCH, ME

My first interaction with Lauren created a positive energy and I felt invigorated to learn her techniques. Her specific protocols of the process of elimination, cleansing of the organs, using Gemmotherapy extracts to enhance a beautiful beginning happens naturally through her process. I value her expertise, incredible knowledge and fascinating learning tools in creating the perfect balance of health. I truly admire Lauren and look forward to a continual journey of healing one day at a time....

~ Nancy Rice (Sutton, MA)