Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele


I created teachings on Gemmotherapy because I believe the world needs more health care practitioners using research based, results oriented, natural protocols. Bodies have the innate ability to clean and heal themselves and healthcare practitioners need quality tools to help exactly that.

How To Get Started
Previously recorded webinars are great for practitioners of all levels and backgrounds, whether you are new to Gemmotherapy or have studied the extracts with other instructors. I teach a holistic application of Gemmotherapy extracts as a system to achieve lasting results without aggravations.

When purchased, each webinar leads to a link for downloadable recording. You will be sent a confirmation email that contains directions to the online video and downloadable study materials. (Your unique link is active for one year.)

– Begin
Think Like A Gemmotherapist (coming May 2017)
This is the introductory module for all practitioners, not only beginners. Learn the key principles of healing that form the foundation of all work with Gemmotherapy.

– Next Up
Gemmotherapy 100 Series
This series covers Gemmotherapy case taking and protocols used for optimizing elimination of your clients throughout stage one of care. It is often a prerequisite for any subsequent trainings. Gemmotherapy 101 and 101B are introductions to the unique Stage One case taking process while Gemmotherapy 102 introduces the best extracts known to support optimal elimination at the start of a new case. Gemmotherapy 103 is an overview of actual Stage One cases from my own practice.

– Expand & Continue
Gemmotherapy 200 Series (coming May 2017)
This series covers Gemmotherapy case taking and protocols for resolving symptoms of acidosis throughout Stage Two of care. Gemmotherapy 201 is an introduction to the Stage Two Intake Checklist. Gemmotherapy 202 introduces the extracts specifically known to resolve symptoms of acidosis in Stage Two.

Gemmotherapy Extras (coming May 2017)

– Discuss
Online Gemmotherapy Discussions
These 60 minute recordings of live online discussions are often open to the public as well as practitioners. Past topics include:

  • Let’s Talk About Fruit For Breakfast
  • Let’s Talk About Gemmotherapy For Pets
  • Let’s Talk About The New Stage One Intake Checklist

– Stay Up To Date
Join The Community
Because the full use of Gemmotherapy extracts is still unfolding, I support practitioners with ongoing opportunities to share the latest discoveries from my clinic and recent insights from my mentors. Take a look at my upcoming scheduled live webinars and in person retreats to learn more!

– Participate
Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele Facebook Group
All participants in the webinars are invited to join a private Facebook group that is used as an ongoing forum for practitioners in training. Post your questions, comments, observations, etc. and get input from other students as well as case supervision by me.

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