What Gemmotherapy
can do for Fertility

Fertility issues are a major source of suffering for so many people in the world.
I believe the answer lies in supporting the body as a whole to create life rather than the
use of aggressive drugs or expensive, invasive treatments that force a pregnancy.

Gemmotherapy offers parents-to-be the opportunity to address all fertility concerns
at the root which goes well beyond the reproductive organs. Supporting all systems to work optimally not only increases fertility but creates the robust internal environment that every developing child deserves.

gemmotherapy is a great natural way to help get pregnant

Along with a plant-based diet, Gemmotherapy can help prepare the body to conceive
naturally, support pregnancy through each trimester, and aid in postpartum recovery.

Note: Only use extracts under the guidance of a physician if already pregnant or breastfeeding. Those extracts that are contraindicated during pregnancy and while breastfeeding are: Common Alder, Gray Alder, Almond, Apricot, Common Box, Juniper, Mistletoe, and Peach. Should you have any questions, I encourage you to book a consultation with one of our Gemmotherapy Practitioners.

Gemmotherapy Extracts to Support Fertility

Gray Alder
European Blueberry
Common Birch
Field Maple
Red Raspberry

Each extract is intended to be one part of an individualized protocol to restore immunity.

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