What Gemmotherapy
can do for Respiratory Issues

If you suffer from acute or chronic congestion, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, coughs, or symptoms of asthma, each moment can feel like a struggle—after all, we do need to breathe! The solution to these symptoms is actually beyond the organs of your respiratory system. The real cause is actually poor elimination and weak immunity. Gemmotherapy protocols can optimize your elimination, and boost immunity, leading to vibrant respiratory health.

gemmotherapy and natural remedies for allergies, congestion, and other respiratory issues

One of the greatest benefits of Gemmotherapy, in conjunction with a plant-based diet, is not only better breathing but an improved immune response. It’s important to note what a huge role dairy products play in promoting congestion and aggravate respiratory illness. So while Gemmotherapy will help reduce symptoms, eliminating these animal products from your diet while increasing your intake of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables will resolve them. Need help getting started with plant-based eating? Learn more here!

Gemmotherapy Extracts to Support Respiratory Health

Common Alder
Black Currant
Dog Rose
Black Honeysuckle
Sweet Chestnut

Each extract is intended to be one part of an individualized protocol to restore immunity.

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