Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele

Why Gemmotherapy?

Why Gemmotherapy?
As a Homeopath, I faced more unresolved cases than I was willing to accept. This fact led me to revisit my own healing experience in which dietary changes and drainage therapies had made a profound difference. I wanted to capture and provide results similar to my own for my clients.  One therapy that I had been prescribed post cancer was Gemmotherapy extracts and while my personal experience was not successful, the effects were certainly profound enough to initiate a desire to learn more.

Since integrating Gemmotherapy extracts along with supportive dietary changes into my protocols, I have found tremendous success with clients from 5 days of age to those 85 years and beyond. Gemmotherapy extracts are the only botanical therapy that cleans, restores, and tonifies organ tissue at a cellular level. When applied in a systematic approach to optimize elimination, resolve acidosis, and restore organ function its effects are unmatched.

I have found the extracts to be the perfect first protocol to optimize elimination before the body begins the drainage and detoxifying process stimulated by a whole food, plant based diet. Once elimination is optimized, Gemmotherapy eases any aggravation of symptoms that can occur with Homeopathic and other natural treatments.

Additionally, it is my aim to cultivate a community of individuals who can read their own vitality and know when and where they need support. Gemmotherapy extracts have allowed me to teach my clients self care for acute situations and warning signs of chronic illness. The extracts are affordable, gentle, effective, and easy to use which make them the perfect home care solution for your clients.

Click here to discover the step-by-step path I have personally developed for learning how to integrate Gemmotherapy into your practice!

What is Gemmotherapy?
In case you are wondering, the term Gemmotherapy refers to the “gem” or bud of the plant which serves as the basis for the extracts. It is specifically the first buds or shoots that develop each Spring and contain the growth material of the entire plant which are used. The 60+ extracts available today come from specific trees and shrubs which have recognized medicinal uses dating over the centuries.

Gemmotherapy’s advantage over all other classic herbal therapies is due to the inclusion of meristem tissue that lies within each bud or shoot. The meristem tissues contain tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells, and have infinite and indefinite self-replicating properties.

Gemmotherapy extracts are produced according to guidelines outlined by the European Pharmacopoeia and are closely monitored by the health ministry branch of the European Union. In the United States the extracts are viewed as an herbal supplement and the importation is supervised by the FDA.

Click here to discover the step-by-step path I have personally developed for learning how to integrate Gemmotherapy into your practice!