Why I Study Gemmotherapy: Angel Angelov

August 9, 2019

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I get a lot of random inquiries from around the world about Gemmotherapy. There was something, though, about Angel’s message last December that caused me to pay special attention. 

Now that I’ve had the pleasure to meet him personally, it’s clear that his motivation comes from a very special place in his heart. It will be with great curiosity that I observe how Angel’s work with Gemmotherapy unfolds in Sofia. I would say that if anyone would succeed in bringing a brand new therapy to Bulgaria, it will be Angel. 

by Angel Angelov

I am a young man who is enjoying life and trying to help others. I am from Sofia, Bulgaria a little and very beautiful country in the Balkan Peninsula. Currently, I have my own practice of physiotherapy, massage and other ways to improve health. Also, I am working in a state center for people with disabilities. 

I first heard of Gemmotherapy when I was creating a Facebook group for nontraditional medicine, and I was looking for cover picture. I came across an image with a small flower and “Gemmotherapy” under the flower. This was the first time I encountered this word. After this, I started to seek out more information about it, and fate led me to Lauren Hubelle and her practice.

I chose to study Gemmotherapy because it was something completely new for me and for my country, Bulgaria. I was really interested to understand more about this way of helping people. In this process of studying, I’ve learned a lot about human self-healing possibilities. As I can see more and more people are opening their minds for new things, they are trying to avoid pills and medications. So I hope Gemmotherapy will become popular and reach a lot of people who need help and believe in their inner body powers. 

I would like to discover the full range of Gemmotherapy influence and to see the results in my family, friends and patients. I am very happy with my choice. Currently, I am trying to promote Gemmotherapy in Bulgaria because I would like to reach more people. I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience with other healthcare practitioners and people interested in alternative medicine. Who knows? One day we could have association of Gemmotherapists in Bulgaria.

Now, I want to continue learning more details about the acting of Gemmotherapy extracts and acquire confidence in using Gemmotherapy. I would like to learn how to work effectively in difficult situations and with people who have multiple health problems to help them. For me, it is really interesting to learn more about Gemmotherapy in chronic cases.

My advice to anyone interested in Gemmotherapy is, “Just try it! It really works.” I believe everyone needs to learn and try more new things during their lives. We have a lot of possibilities, a lot of choices but most important is to find the best way for ourselves. There is no need to convince anyone. If somebody really wants to help themselves, he or she will do it by their own will. I can only tell people what Gemmotherapy is and how it can help them with many health issues. 


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