Coaching Stories: Suzanne Rogers

Five months ago, longtime client Suzanne Rogers was struggling with her job as a higher ed housing administrator and stuck on how to move forward. She decided to commit to a series of eight coaching sessions as a practical, action-oriented step toward getting unstuck and making changes.

Since Suzanne and I had worked together for years, she trusted me to coach her through the process with care. Shifting from a client-practitioner relationship to a client-coach relationship took some warming up for Suzanne. She had become quite familiar with sharing a problem and looking to me for answers. Now as her coach, I looked to her to set the session agenda and collaborate on practical actions to practice that would move her toward her goal. I couldn’t be more delighted with the work Suzanne did, and you can see in her interview how pleased she is as well.

What were your personal goals with being coached?

I wanted to understand why I was so “stuck” and unable to see where I was not being authentic and so unhappy in my work life. I initially thought that a new job was going to be the gain.

How are you different now?

Through coaching, I see what it means for me to be my authentic self in every situation, be it professionally or personally. I have new tools, and confidence in using them, to navigate difficult work situations without so much fear. My resistance to change, despite my wanting it, was also holding me back. I have begun to invite change, and the inevitable death of all things, as the way toward rebirth and new possibilities.

How do you feel about yourself given these changes?

I feel a lightness and confidence that I have not had in years. I have a better understanding of what keeps me balanced and grounded. I like myself, feeling more inspired to try new things and be more creative.

What were your key learnings over the last five months?

So many!☺

  • I learned that my perception of jobs and earning a living has been guided by a victim/hero mentality. This has caused me to isolate and not ask for help from my work community.
  • I also learned that I am able to show up authentically; I can be myself in any situation.
  • I was able to reveal some of my underlying narratives, which caused a duality in the way I view work.
  • I also discovered patterns that lead me to the same difficult place in my job. I have new tools to minimize or prevent that from happening in the future.
  • I learned that I am worthy of having the career of my choosing and capable of making good decisions for my future. I better appreciate my versatility and embrace my desire to NOT fit the mold in the corporate world.

What might bring you back for further coaching?

There are likely more stories I have running in the background that have yet to surface. I have not made a career change yet. As I explore new options, more coaching could be helpful.

Given your new skills or perspective, what are you doing differently?

I am making training videos for my job and started a podcast. I am exploring a career in coaching and ways to bring all my skills together to help others discover their next step.

What was it like to be coached?

Overall, it was wonderful, enlightening and empowering. At times it was incredibly uncomfortable and painful. I had to dig deep and admit where I was responsible for my situation, but also where I am empowered to change it.

Do you have advice for readers considering a coaching commitment?

Go for it! It is far more beneficial than I imagined. What you learn about yourself will take you on an inner journey, leading to a new perspective on your life.


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