Gemmotherapy with Lauren Hubele

Start Today

Start Today


You have arrived here at your own unique place in your health journey.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Gemmotherapy extracts and are curious to learn what they can offer you and your family. Maybe you already know about Gemmotherapy extracts but are searching for an opportunity to learn more. Or possibly, you’ve experienced some obstacles to healing in the past and would like a fresh approach. Wherever you’d like to begin, it is my pleasure to share my work with you.


Get Started

If you’re ready to get started, complete this New Client Inquiry Form and we’ll call you to schedule a Getting Started Package that includes:

  • Two 45-minute appointments, 7-10 days apart
  • A copy of my book, Gemmotherapy For Everyone: An Introduction To Acute Care.
  • A welcome packet with resources to support our work together

The first of two 45 minute appointments provide you with an opportunity to share your story and the outcome you desire. The second appointment will include an assessment of your current symptoms and a first protocol.


Fill out the New Client Inquiry form for more information

Where to meet

I meet with clients across the country and internationally with the use of Zoom video conferencing.

Next Steps

At the conclusion of your second appointment you can decide which of the following best suits your needs:

An individualized coaching package with customized practices to support your health goals.


DIY. Begin the protocol you received and come study Gemmotherapy with me!  Sign up for my next Foundations of Gemmotherapy course. Learn what Gemmotherapy can do for you and your family.

Whichever path, the essence of my work will provide you with the tools to:

  1. Read the signs and symptoms of your body (or your child’s)
  2. Learn the symptoms that need your attention
  3. Discover how to use Gemmotherapy extracts and a Plant Based Diet to address your current symptoms and those that may arise in this process.


What makes me different?

  • I am a teacher at heart and through our work together you will learn how the body cleans and heals itself, and understand what is getting in the way of your healing.
  • I will support your increasing awareness of the symptoms that are worth noting and resolving before they become chronic.
  • I encourage parents to transition from powerless to powerful when it comes to the health of their entire family providing the tools you needed to get there.