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Welcome! Wherever you happen to be on your unique health journey, you’ve landed here because you were in search of something new or new possibilities or a new path.

I invite you to take a look at my approach and see if it aligns with what you are looking for at this time and place in your life.

If it does, please help me get to know you by completing my New Client Inquiry.  Once submitted, you’ll receive further information about my practice.


Who am I?

I am a family health coach and support those wishing to regain control of their health naturally.

Who do I work with?

Individuals and families who are ready to take responsibility for the actions that impact their health in order to restore immunity.

How do I work?

The framework we build together will include developing your own self-awareness and confidence in addition to a diet that supports immunity, Gemmotherapy extracts and Homeopathy.

The protocols and practices are designed to restart organs and organ systems to enable the body to heal itself. This approach is used for all symptoms and diagnosis.

Taking responsibility for your health requires awareness before action. Our work begins with developing your awareness in the expressions of your body and what it will take to heal. With this foundation of awareness, the actions necessary for your healing can be done with purpose.

Where do we meet?

We meet using Zoom video conferencing on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. I see an international mix of clients and have established hours to enable appointments with clients throughout North and South America and Europe. When my schedule allows, I can make special arrangements for those in East Asia and Australia.

What Makes Me Different?

I encourage individuals and parents to transition from powerless to powerful when it comes to the health of their entire family.  I work as a coach rather than health care practitioner or provider. I will coach you to take responsibility for your own health, becoming your own and your family’s greatest advocate. Read more here about  my philosophy and why I am a coach.

Ready to begin restoring your immunity?