Gemmotherapy Answers: Rethinking Childhood Ailments

Whether you are a parent or not, this post is for you. We were all children once and my guess is by the end of this post you will be able to draw some connections from your childhood symptoms to those you are struggling with as an adult.


Most parents seek sage advice, keep abreast of the latest health trends, and spend hours trying to prepare the healthiest meals possible. Yet our kids get sick, and some of them sicker than others.


Some children, no matter all the care and precautions of loving parents, seem to recover from one ear infection only to develop another, or maybe it is strep throat or the eternal stuffy or runny nose. The thought for the past generations has been that these childhood symptoms are just outgrown. In my practice I’ve found just the opposite. When taking case histories from my clients, I often hear current complaints that are directly related to those childhood conditions, which they “outgrew.”


I’d like you to rethink the theory that childhood ailments are inevitable, benign, and just magically fade away. I don’t believe children outgrow these conditions. Quite the opposite, actually.


Here’s what I think is really going on:

  1. Symptoms like allergies or eczema appear because the body is unable to completely clean and heal itself.
  2. Predisposed genetic dispositions, while complicating the picture, can be shifted with the right natural interventions early in life.
  3. Addressing and supporting the body’s natural ability to clean and heal in childhood will prevent chronic diseases later in life.
  4. Recurrent acute childhood conditions happen due to the body’s inability to clean and heal. Suppressing with medication or leaving them unaddressed sets your child up for serious chronic conditions later in life.
  5. The longer in life we wait to restore the body’s ability to clean and heal itself, the longer it takes. As with so much in life, early intervention is the key to getting the body quickly back on track.

Here is a graph that depicts exactly this thought process:


Get the full, detailed version of this graphic here.

How do you get the body to a place where it is able to completely clean and heal itself? For many people the most important first step is to change the input and for kids, this alone often does the trick.