The Living Well Diet

August 22, 2014

The concept of changing the input to improve the output is not rocket science and can be applied across the board to multiple scenarios. Today we will apply it to our bodies. I recently shared an updated 4 step process that I follow with my clients to restore the body’s natural ability to clean and heal itself. The first and most critical step in this process is optimizing of the elimination system.

Here’s what must be done for that to occur:

1. Change the input
2. Engage the help of your lymphatic system
3. Drain what’s blocking the output

Let’s deal with the first on the list, changing the input, which is something everyone who reads this is capable of starting tomorrow morning.

With the plethora of conflicting information regarding what to eat and how to eat, I want to make it simple. The goal is to eat in a manner that encourages 2-3 healthy bowel movements spread out through your day and one that does not produce any of the secondary symptoms I discussed in this article.

My personal and professional experience has led me to support a diet high in alkaline foods that primarily consists of fruits and vegetables. I eat and feed my family in this manner as well as promote this in my office. I have seen that this diet will engage and encourage lymphatic drainage and leads to healthy elimination through the bowels and kidneys with most people.

So what does this look like?


You can see the full graphic here.

In practicality, meals break down to this:

  • Breakfast: Fruit, fruit and more fruit
  • Mid Morning Snack: Green Smoothie or Green Juice
  • Midday Meal: Raw Veggie Salads, Raw Veggies and Hummus or Guacamole, Green Smoothies or Juices, Cooked Vegetarian Meal (little to no protein)
  • Snack: More of any of the above
  • Evening Meal: Raw Salad to start, Cooked Meal with Veggies and Protein or Protein and Grains

What’s not on this list: Dairy, Grains with Gluten, or Processed Foods.

If your diet looks nothing like this, don’t despair! Shifting your intake to more raw and whole foods can be done in small steps and still produce noticeable results. Commit to just one week of eating nothing but delicious, fresh cut fruit or smoothies for breakfast. This change alone should have you feeling noticeably better on many fronts—just like it did for our family. Repeat the process the following week, again the week after and you’ll be well on your way to adopting a healthy new habit almost without realizing it.

If your diet already looks a lot like this, but you’re still experiencing secondary issues like these, this is where the homeopathy and gemmotherapy protocols can really help to heal stressed organs and get your systems back into alignment.


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