Taking Charge of Your Fertility I: Factors Impacting Women

I’m on a mission to spread the word that we all have much more control over their fertility than we realize. I want to take the mystery out of your fertility and put you in charge. Follow along with this series to discover the next four weeks what I first learned from my MD mentors in Europe as well as what I found to be true in my years as a practitioner.  The natural protocols I  have used and now teach have supported many successful pregnancies .  I certainly count myself fortunate to have played a role in coaching those interested in increasing their fertility  and then supporting the young life created.

The plant-powered approach to fertility I share has been beneficial to individuals at these various stages:

  • Considering pregnancy in the near future and wanting to best prepare.
  • Having already tried to conceive on their own without success.
  • Having undergone IVF or other medical intervention(s) without success.

In a perfect world, fertility would be valued and protected from birth and everyone would be aware that even simple decisions made for babies and children play a vital role in that child’s future ability to eventually create life. We are learning more each day with the advances in science and two important facts have been established: Soy formula can adversely affect male and female fertility and the early use of antibiotics disrupts hormone production and regulation. So, what could have seemed like a simple in-the-moment decision by your parents or pediatrician can certainly be playing a role in where you are today with your fertility. Read on to learn more.

The Deep Roots of Fertility

When we think of fertility in women we automatically think of the ovaries, the uterus, and hormones. While all three are important, we must look beyond the reproductive system to the organs supporting its function.  The organs and systems of particular concern include the nervous system ( central and autonomic),  the kidneys, liver, and adrenal glands. If these organs/systems/glands are overworked or are not functioning optimally there is often a struggle with fertility.  The program I advise for women begins with harmonizing the both central and autonomic nervous system, optimizes kidney function, supports the adrenals and eventually improves all of the detoxing actions of the liver.

Causes of Concerns 

All of the following negatively immunity and fertility

  • Antibiotic use, hormonal birth control methods, and the use of Acutane for acne are just a few of the prescription medications that place a toxic load on the body
  • A diet high in salt, sugar, and hormone laced food sources such as industry meats, dairy, and soy
  • Chemically laden cosmetics, toiletries, and hair products that young girls are being exposed to as early as the preteen years.
  • Over-consumption of alcohol or any use of recreational or street drugs
  • Emotional or physical trauma
  • Stress-filled lifestyle

How Gemmotherapy Protocols Help Fertility In Women

Gemmotherapy protocols begin by harmonizing the nervous system, improving elimination, and rejuvenating your adrenal glands.  The improved elimination leads to a shift in the pH balance creating an alkaline state to enhance fertility. The protocols are complimented by a plant based diet in order to optimize elimination. The ability of the body to clean optimally enhances  the function of the female fertility support organ/systems mentioned above.

Important to note is that Gemmotherapy protocols will clean, fortify, and restore rather than pushing weak organ systems to perform. Due to this unique action, fertility is addressed at its root. In this series, I will go into further detail on these protocols and how they benefit all wishing to improve their fertility.

New to Gemmotherapy? Check out my Beginners Guide. If you would like to learn how to begin  Restoring your own Immunity with Gemmotherapy, consider ordering my latest book. Would you like a more personalized approach? Contact one of my advanced interns for a consultation.