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Gemmotherapy is more
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Try these indispensable resources to bring the power of
Gemmotherapy to your family’s healing journey!

a step-by-step guide to restoring immunity naturally

Gemmotherapy for Everyone: Restoring Immunity

This is the book I’ve been meaning to write for years, and it’s finally here to share with you. I wrote it to be a step-by-step
guide for you, with me coaching you along the way. It’s a compilation of my philosophy and protocols with the ultimate goal for my work to be close at hand throughout each page—and a reminder to each of us that we are capable of restoring immunity in our bodies. Here’s to your enduring health!

resolve acute symptoms for yourself, kids, and family

Gemmotherapy for Everyone: An Introduction To Acute Care

Get started using Gemmotherapy extracts at home to quickly resolve acute symptoms in yourself, family members, and even pets! Learn 36 reliable protocols directly from my clinical practice.

“It is my wish that Lauren's book reaches every practitioner looking to help their clients with easy, quick and gentle protocols. And I wish that any person looking for the most active and effective therapy to clean and support the body—to encounter this book at the right time and moment—and to learn about the powers of buds and young tissues.”

Sorina Soescu, MD, MFHom
Constanta, Romania

Get answers to 28 of the most common acute symptoms in babies and young children

Gemmotherapy For Everyone: Building Immunity In Babies & Young Children

A breakthrough resource for strengthening your child’s immunity for life! Featuring information on how to get started with Gemmotherapy & answers to the 28 most common acute symptoms in babies and young children.

“Lauren has captured the essential simplicity and clarity of this remarkably powerful healing system. This easy to use guide is accessible. I recommend it for any parent with a passion for effective natural care for their children.”

Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH
Founder and Executive Director of the Teleosis Institute
Coaching and Healing: Transcending the Illness Narrative

The Power of Books
in a Healing Journey

Courses and one-on-one work with a practitioner are crucial elements of any healing or educational journey, but books hold a special place in my heart. From very early on, I found comfort within the pages of books amidst a chaotic upbringing. Throughout my life books have been some of the most loyal companions and wisest guides, so it is with great humility that I’ve been able to approach the writing of my books.

When I began searching for my own path of healing after my cancer diagnosis, books became some of my greatest teachers. I honestly would read several at a time and had stacks by my bedside (and I still do!). I saw them as bread crumbs along the trail
leading me somewhere I had never been before.

In the formative years of my practice I filled my office with books because they each spoke to me, and I felt connected with the wisdom of the authors. I would not always “get” the message from a particular book right away, but I often knew it would be important in my journey down the road, so I would keep it close by. And then one day, like magic I would be drawn to it, and I would find the message I needed at that time.

reading is a powerful resource for how to build up your immune system

My dream is that my books may also speak to you in their own unique way and find you when you need their message most. I hope they will help you understand the true nature of the body and how you and Gemmotherapy can restore immunity, as well as boost overall health and wellbeing.

Even if this information feels like a lot to take in right now, over time, these books can deepen your understanding and knowledge of this incredible healing method and serve as a long-term reference for you and your family.

Here are some of my personal favorites

Spiritual Growth

Our Natural World

Eat to Live/Immunity

Heartwarming Timeless Reads

On Gemmotherapy & Homeopathy