The Five Stages of Healing

Lately, I’ve been having a few thoughts about your healing process. Every day I am asked at least once, “so, how long will this take?” And of course, the answer for each person is different. And the length of time will also be completely dependent on what lifestyle changes you are able and willing to make to support your own healing.


What I can tell you, however, is that I see five clear stages of anyone’s healing process and my experience has proven that skipping steps—just doesn’t give you the same results.

My hope is that by keeping sight of where you are in this process, you may be more willing and able to go the distance. So what’s the goal? The end result will be a body able to clean and heal itself as it was designed to do, as well as now maintain the harmony between physical, mental and emotional bodies up against all that life presents.

Here are the five steps achieved using individualized homeopathic and gemmotherapeutic protocols:

  1. Open Routes of Elimination (Bowels, Kidney/Urinary, and for woman organs associated with menstruation) Last post, I gave you a checklist of symptoms that indicate these routes are compromised. If you missed it or need some reminding, here it is.
  2. Support the Cleaning of Tissues and Cells—Only a body that can clean itself can heal itself.
  3. Restore Normal Organ Function—when all organs are functioning we don’t get secondary symptoms like high blood pressure or migraine headaches; both perfect examples of other organs not doing their part.
  4. Fortify OrgansGemmotherapy is unique among herbal therapies in its ability to deliver nutrition to organ tissue while cleaning. This stage happens simultaneously with stage 3 & 4.
  5. Maintain Harmony—where we want to be! This doesn’t mean we don’t “get sick” but it does mean we have a strong, effective immune response and recovery.

So now what?

Now is the time to become not only your own health advocate, but to be your own health ombudsman. That may be a funny term to use, but it’s really what I would want for you. Your body is producing symptoms, which are actually complaints. Your job as the ombudsman is to listen to and investigate those complaints.

I became my own ombudsman after my cancer diagnosis by investigating the complaints of my body and searching for practitioners who could support my body to heal itself. Eventually, those practitioners became my teachers, so I could in turn help each of you.

So start listening! Together we can investigate and move you through the five stages to restore your body’s ability to clean and heal itself. For many people the most important first step is to start changing the input.